The MoxyOne Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the MoxyOne platform consists of multiple components. It will also use Raiden Network’s micro-payments channel to allow for bi-directional communication to occur between a user’s wallet and the MoxyOne multi-sig wallet. When a user [MoxyOne or Partner’s] uses their debit card or wallet for any transaction, the system processes them via “Just In Time Funding” to instantly exchange tokens to fiat using Liquidity Providers. The Liquidity Providers (Buffer Accounts) exchange tokens for fiat for the amount of purchase in the user’s local currency.

The transactions occur in the following fashion:

User pays with MoxyOne or white labelled card/wallet, the merchant then processes the transaction. Thereafter, the nominated local Liquidity Provider exchanges tokens for fiat and transfers to MoxyOne/Partner for the amount of purchase. At the last stage, the user’s wallet will be deducted of the purchase amount. You can find a detailed description in the official whitepaper.


  • User can exchange their tokens to fiat on the fly by making a purchase (even where cryptocurrencies are not accepted)
  • Users can access cash in an emergency (via ATMs and EFTPOS [currently offered only in Australia — with plans to expand globally]).
  • SPEND, ETH, SCL tokens will be accepted initially and then other tokens will gradually be integrated [ERC20/23].

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