The MoxyOne Token — SPEND

SPEND tokens are the fuel of the MoxyOne system. SPEND is a utility token for fees within the MoxyOne network and platform. Once the MoxyOne platform and network is complete and integrates SPEND, the demand for the tokens will increase, as MoxyOne requires it for all network (transaction) fees.

MoxyOne will also provide their token (SPEND) holders with a MoxyOne wallet system. This allows users to spend their tokens at most merchants or ATMs around the world. Users will be able to perform various tasks with the MoxyOne wallet such as electronic purchases. For users, our SPEND tokens can be used for daily transactions. By using SPEND tokens, MoxyOne will be able to circulate its tokens and become a valuable asset for users as its value will grow over time.

With future development, MoxyOne will allow its users (SPEND token holders to enjoy monthly rewards points and negligible fees. SPEND token holders will be able to make everyday purchases.

MoxyOne token holders will be able to order a debit card and also be issued with a virtual debit card.

MoxyOne users will be able to access their personal dashboard to manage their accounts.

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