White Label Partner — Sociall

Our partnership with Sociall explained

Sociall will be adopting the MoxyOne system to offer their users with a debit card functionality — with custom company branded cards!

Why Us?

Earlier Release, Security, Prioritising, Fewer Overheads, Lower Fees and Better Functionality

The Sociall roadmap stated that their debit card infrastructure and distribution would be completed and released in Q4 of 2018. MoxyOne states that their systems will be ready for distribution in Q3 2018. This means that Sociall users will be able to get their hands on a Sociall instant access debit card much sooner than expected.

By having a company manage all codebase and maintenance of the system and network, we can almost guarantee that our debit card functionality will now be top notch and work as expected.
MoxyOne plans on offering great customer support to both companies that adopt their technology and their users. So if any issues ever arise we can have them fixed without any hassle while our team still concentrates on the important things behind Sociall.
The team behind MoxyOne is also planning to integrate advanced security measures to their systems such as COMIT, Raiden Network, and Gladius.
Since we are adopting the MoxyOne APIs for the debit card infrastructure, the team behind Sociall can concentrate on the more important aspects of the platform instead of constantly having to worry about fixing small bugs and issues within the debit card codebase and network.
We will no longer have to bring on another team in-house to work on the debit card functionality for Sociall. This allows us to utilise our company funds in more productive ways such as expanding our core development team, hiring more support staff and increasing our marketing budget.
As stated above, since our overheads will be lower to create the debit card functionality, it also means that we can further lower the fees that we were going to charge for using the instant access cards.
MoxyOne allows companies to set their own fees via an easy to use dashboard that they provide. MoxyOne sets their base fees and organisations then set theirs on top. We have decided to make our fees minimal to better assist the Sociall community. A full fee structure will be released mid 2018 before the cards are offered to our users.
Once again, since MoxyOne will have a dedicated development team, they can offer far better functionality for their users. They plan on creating an advanced “Liquidity Providers” function where users from around the world can act as the purchaser of the sent crypto in exchange for the requested fiat.
Along with all benefits stated above, it can also help speed up all purchases and transactions within the MoxyOne system.
MoxyOne plans to add SCL as a major currency within their systems. This means that all new users to MoxyOne will see SCL as a supported currency within their wallet right away.

For more details, read Sociall’s article here.

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