Steps to receiving your refund.

This refund instruction applies to main sale participants from 14th March 01:00 UTC to 15th April 01:00 UTC.

Please note that pre-sale investors will receive their refunds at a later date.


Step1: Go to

Step 2: Click on contracts

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Earn ETH and Bonus SPEND on Referrals

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Use your unique referral link to earn bonus SPEND tokens and Ether on successful contributions.

Starts: 29th March 2018 | 01:00 UTC

Ends: 10th April 2018 | 01:00 UTC

Here’s How it Works

Referrers Receive

  • All referrers will receive a 5% ETH referral bounty for all contributions made through their referral link. For example, if a user refers someone who contributes 10 ETH, the referrer receives 0.5 ETH as a bounty (less Gas).
  • If a referrer brings in more than 20 Ether, they will qualify to get 8% in ETH bounty!
  • Referrers also receive an extra 5% bonus in SPEND tokens on successful contributions.

Token Buyers

Will receive 10% bonus in SPEND tokens between: 29th March — 5th April 01:00 UTC. …

CryptoGrinders Interviews MoxyOne Founders in Live AMA

The Founders had a Live AMA session hosted by Ryan Lye of CryptoGrinders Youtube Channel.

Watch the full interview below:

Live AMA Simplified Transcript

Who are you all?
I’m Tanshul Kumar, one of the co-founders of MoxyOne and this is…
I’m Mo Abbas a co-founder and lead back end developer of MoxyOne and I’m Jade founder of Sociall and business and technical advisor for MoxyOne.

What is the MoxyOne card?
MoxyOne is a debit card, it allows you to spend you tokens in the real world situation — you can grab your card and go to any merchant or ATM, buy stuff or take money out from an ATM. It functions exactly the same as a debit card. Except in the back end its linked to your wallet and exchanges your cryptos to normal fiat.

Who is the team behind MoxyOne and what are you creating?
Mo and I (Tanshul) are two co-founders of the project and we are have other team members which are listed on the website as well as a lot of Advisors of other successful projects like Jade himself here who ran a successful token sale, Sociall. …

Invox Finance Joins MoxyOne to Allow Spending on their Platform

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Invox Finance is a decentralised invoice financing solution. The Invox Finance Platform is a decentralised peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information. The platform aims to create a trusting environment by facilitating transparency between parties and rewarding performance.

How will Invox Financing Use MoxyOne’s Infrastructure?

Firstly, Invox Tokens are ERC-20 standard and will have the following utility: — provide access to the platform through the Trusted Member Program (incentivises sellers to purchase more Invox Tokens by offering discounts on fees); and — reward work performed for the platform. …

FLUX will use the MoxyOne infrastructure to allow for purchases on their Gaming Marketplace.

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FLUX is a unique global gaming platform that unites all parts of gaming
industry ecosystem. The FLUX Market is a marketplace for developers which is geared towards the monetisation of competitive games. A carefully designed system of achievements and tasks for each game allows the user to receive additional income by performing a variety of tasks during the game.

How Does FLUX Use MoxyOne’s Infrastructure?

FLUX will use the MoxyOne infrastructure to expand the gaming network — offline as well, making it easy to spend FLUX tokens in gaming related shops as well as to integrate it as a payment network for a tournament or series.

MoxyOne is adaptable within the FLUX ecosystem and will be able to be integrated as a payment gateway for users on their platform. …

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White Label By Companies

MoxyOne is building an infrastructure that allows companies issuing cryptocurrency tokens to white-label the MoxyOne system to use under their own branding.

This means companies will be able to significantly reduce costs and save precious time by not having to create an in-house payment system. This allows them to focus their attention on product development while MoxyOne takes care of making their tokens spendable and allows them to begin making profits right away.

They can do so by applying to be a Partner and going through a verification process to begin issuing company cards to their users.

Partner (White-Label) Companies

Company X is a blockchain/cryptocurrency service provider and wishes to issue debit cards to their users to use on their ecosystem and in the real world. …

Announcing our very First & Exclusive Exchange Listing with Cobinhood.

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A very prominent cryptocurrency exchange, Cobinhood, has partnered with MoxyOne to list its token, SPEND at the end of the token sale.

Cobinhood has proven to be a reliable exchange for all that trade on their platform and it made sense for MoxyOne to not just list SPEND but also to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership.

COBINHOOD stores the vast majority of the crypto assets deposit in an offline multisig vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open. Furthermore, crypto assets stored in online wallets will be backed by insurance.

COBINHOOD’s proprietary order matching engine can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency. The whole system is designed to be fully distributed, highly available, and auto scalable, achieving the ultimate trading experience for traders around the globe. …

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The MoxyOne Quantum Card will be exclusively available to pre-sale participants ONLY. The Pre-sale is currently live and will conclude on the 10th of March 2018 at 01:00 UTC.

The Quantum Card will give these lucky participants in the pre-sale, a 1.5x bonus multiplier reward whenever they make a purchase — for the LIFETIME of the card!

MoxyOne is also offering a number of other bonuses for the token PRE-SALE, check them out in the whitepaper or on the website and be sure to get in quick to make the most of this awesome opportunity for rewards!

How It Works

Step 1:

You contribute to the MoxyOne pre-sale (minimum of 1 ETH) to qualify as a Quantum Card holder (don’t forget the added 40–65% bonus tokens eligibility during the pre-sale). …

MoxyAI helps you get the best value out of your tokens.

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The MoxyOne Team has been hard at work discussing how we can maximise the user experience for the users of the platform. One of the most important things for spenders is the price of their cryptos at the time that they decide to purchase. The MoxyAI functionality will help users get data on the price of their held cryptocurrencies so that they are able to get the best value out of their tokens and coins.

MoxyAI is an advanced feature of the MoxyOne system. It helps remove volatility and fluctuation issues within the industry and assists with user spendings. MoxyAI’s primary focus is to help the user get the best value out of the tokens that are in their account’s wallet. Our AI does this by optimising spending at the time of the payment. …



“Tokens with Real World Value”. A seamless and secure debit card and payment infrastructure for every company, project & ICO that issues cryptocurrency tokens.

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