Date Night (after you have kids)

I like this medium UX. I think I will start writing more on this platform. Looks way better than Blogger. I apologize for grammatical errors in advance.

Its funny that I decided to start this on my 6th wedding anniversary at about 11 pm…while my wife and kids are already asleep and I am watching the 0–5 Giants hopefully win tonight.

We “celebrated” on Saturday night by going to a sushi spot for like 2 hours. It was the FIRST time that we went out without our kids, where our babysitters were not our family. We enlisted a kind friend to do this.

As we drove back from downtown Ridgewood, my wife asked “after all the planning to get childcare and to make sure kids had their dinner and bathed, is it worth it just to go out?”

I can understand where she is coming from. But I also ask myself when will we ever have “moments”. You know those moments where you just walk around town, holding hands, talking about how we should have went to the tapas place two blocks away and noting the good pastry shop (Sook) around the way. We have a lot of moments with our kids and I cherish them, but we often hear that we shouldn’t put our children at center of everything.

Don’t take this as complaining, its just a real struggle on marriage and family responsibility.

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