I was searching for a playlist on Spotify to write to, found ‘Feelin’ Myself’ and thought the description was just perfect.

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I travel mostly for conferences and most times, I try to extend my trip by a couple of days or weeks to explore the city and do fun stuff. If I can’t take some time off work, I work remotely during the week and go out during the weekends or in the evenings.

This has served me well so far, so when I needed to travel to Kenya I started looking for things to do. …

DevFests are annual developer conferences organized by Google Developer Groups (GDGs) around the world. As a co-organizer for GDG Lagos, I worked with three organizers and other amazing volunteers to organize DevFest Lagos in November last year where we hosted 2000 people to a full day of technical talks from live and remote speakers.

One of my tasks for the event was to build an event app with Chizoba Ogbonna, a volunteer. This was a last minute request from the rest of the organizing team which left us only seven days to build and release it.

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The discussion continues here in a dialogue with…

At Zola Electric, we recently migrated completely off ButterKnife to Kotlin Android Extensions and this article shows the common use-cases we had.

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ButterKnife was very useful for us while we had it until it wasn’t. Our gradle build speeds were slowing down and avoiding annotation processors was a small step in the right direction. We also were happening on a lot of errors that were usually resolved with a clean and rebuild, but sometimes required invalidating caches and restarting Android Studio.

There are a lot of articles that already explain what Kotlin Android Extensions are and how to set it up (I recommend this article by Antonio Leiva) so I won’t be covering that here. We used Butterknife in a lot of different ways in our app—to bind values, bind views and set listeners — and I’ll explain how they were replaced in this article. …


Moyinoluwa Adeyemi

Android Dev, Marathoner

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