Yoruba Watch Faces v2.0

I started developing watch faces earlier this year, and my interest in them was rekindled again around June this year. I’ve gone on to build three watch faces since June, the most popular being the Yoruba Watch Faces application on Google Play.


The Yoruba Watch Faces is an application that displays the time in Yoruba, a popular indigenous Nigerian Language. I have published three updates to the application since I uploaded it to Google Play. I have also had to modify the application description based on the feedback I got from users to indicate that the application was not supposed to show up on Android phones but only on Android Wear devices.

Here’s an excerpt from the last edit I made to the description on Google Play.

“PLEASE NOTE: Yorùbá Watch Faces does not work on smart phones. It is designed only for Android Wear devices so don’t be surprised if you download the application and it’s not on your phone. If you have an Android Wear device and you still don’t see the watch face, please wait for a while, it’ll appear on your watch soon.”

I had to include that because I was receiving a lot of negative feedback from users who weren’t too familiar with how Android Wear devices worked and thought downloading the application to their mobile phones was all that was needed to run it. Some of them even went ahead to give me one star ratings (Oh, the horror 😱).


Feedback is very important to me, so irrespective of the fact that this application was originally meant to be a watch face, I went ahead and thought of ways to make it accessible to everyone regardless of the kind of Android device they had.

I eventually decided on creating an Android home screen widget and an Android application that both display the time in Yoruba in addition to the watch face. So whatever device you have be it an Android phone or an Android Wear device, there’s an app for you.

There’s an app for you, there’s an app for you, there’s an app for you, there’s an app for everyone…

Android Developer jargon

To build this, I created an AlarmManager which updates the widget every minute and a BroadcastReceiver which updates the Activity every minute. I also built a custom view to display the time and invalidated it every minute. I used a BottomSheet to enable the theme change and SharedPreferences to store the user’s preferred theme.

It was my first time working with BottomSheet and I didn’t find a default way to pass the selection from the BottomSheet to the Activity. I eventually opted to create an Interface in the BottomSheetDialogFragment class and implement it in the Activity. If there’s a better way to do this, please let me know in the comments.

I’ve started work on an Android SDK to enable other Android developers build applications that display the time in Yoruba.


Here are a few screenshots from the newly included mobile application and home screen widget. The original watch face was not altered.

So, please go ahead and download the application and be sure to rate it too :)

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