Two words: Dogs. Flossing.

  1. This good boy is ready to go for that morning jog (you know, the jog that you’ve been too lazy to take him on).

2. Look at this good pup taking her supplement for joint pain. Self-care!

I was young when I got my first period. I had just turned eleven and was still much smaller than the other kids (thanks to my doomed genetics that destined me to forever be shorter than the other kids). I wore a training bra that I hid underneath oversized t-shirts and sweaters. I smiled with my lips shut becuase I didn’t want the world to see my multi-colored braces. And I got my period.

I was filled with both pride and shame. I got my period before all my friends — I was a “real woman” first— but…I got my…


Period cramps. Anyone who’s ever had a period knows how bad they can get. Here is a list of eight easy (and inexpensive) ways you can improve your day and make you feel a little better.

  1. Herbal tea–since cramps are muscle spasms, anti-spasmodic herb will reduce the pain

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Pads? Tampons? Menstrual cups? You do you.

Flashback to middle school: I’m standing in the dimly lit locker room full of insecure teenage girls whispering about their bodies. “She uses tampons?” “Already?” “Well, she is kind of a slut.” As if somehow, choosing to use tampons equates to promiscuity. Because people always like to have an opinion on what menstruators put in their bodies.

Now, flashback to high school: sitting in a hallway surrounded by bright red, cherry-colored lockers that almost hurt my eyes to look at, listening to my friends discuss what period products they prefer. “Tampons are better…

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When I think of purchasing pads or tampons at the grocery store, the image of an aisle filled with pink boxes and wrappers fills my mind. When I think about period advertisements, I think of all the women in commercials, most of them wearing white, dancing along a beach, and talking about how “painless” their periods are (excuse me while my eyes roll into the back of my head). There’s a lot wrong with this, outside of the fact that never once have I worn a white dress while on my period.

The narrative that women are the only menstruators…

Periods and media — two topics that don’t often go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to fictional TV shows and movies. YA books and movies often tell stories of teens on the run — and growing up, I would always think to myself: what happens when they get their period?

Think about major fictional cultural phenonmena such as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, stories that follow young adults on the run. What happens when Hermione gets her period? What about Katniss? These are the questions I’ve always wondered.

A few months ago, I (binge) watched Netflix’s “The End of…

People often assume that PMDD is just “really bad PMS.” And to that, I ask, how many medications have you had to take just to feel stable before your period?

PMDD stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and is charactertized with debilitating emotional and physical symptoms in addition to common PMS symptoms (i.e. food craving, cramps, etc.). I was diagnosed with PMDD nearly a year ago. I’ve always had pretty extreme mood swings during the few days before my period, but over the past year or so, it’s gotten worse. I feel extremely depressed and anxious ten days before my period…

And I’m here to tell you all about my favorites.

I’ve had my period for over ten years, and it’s taken me until just a month ago to discover a period tracking app that I really like. Over the past month or so, I’ve been on a journey to discover my favorite period tracking apps. I tried five different (free!) ones and am here to tell you which ones I found to be the most useful!

  1. Clue

This one was by far my favorite, and I’m going to continue to use it as my only period tracking app from now…

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I read a lot of books and write a few, too. Social media savvy writer passionate about using words to connect with and empower people!

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