Algo Day — Andela Bootcamp Day 5

Relax! I’m not writing algorithms! I’m a learner.

We started today with the OBJECT game (everything in Ruby is an object, but not that kind of object…lol). The game allows you to mention any of the objects you can find in the room without pointing at people or any object they have on them. Just so you might know, some campers’ eyes are programmed to see micro-organisms!

As usual, the game made us relax before discussing the day’s FFT (food for thought) on how to improve solution speed. After that, we shared ideas and knowledge on algorithm with two given scenarios by Bukky.

While we were on that, The Director, Engineering and Training at Andela, Nadayar Enegesi checked on us. He gave us a short and impacting ‘sermon’ (in his words), after which he took his leave. Soon, we were done with algorithm lessons, it was time to practice. Bukky introduced us to HackerRank to solve few problems on algorithm (That consumed the rest of the day).

The challenges were tasking, it was a little bit hard for me to understand the question after reading about 4 times. Guess what I did? exactly! I ate! The ‘Ofada rice’ was a life saver. I took another look at the question and boom! it was clear, but the implementation was a bit challenging. Joseph and I worked together and we were able to get past the first one (there were several others) with guidance form Bukky. The next few exercises came in less difficult.

That ends ‘week one’ at Bootcamp

Few days ago, I didn’t know JACK in Ruby, now I can tell you it starts with letter ‘J’ while I keep expanding my knowledge to figure out the remaining pieces.

Ruby is weird! that makes it cool!