Andela Bootcamp - Day 3

Day 3 at Andela Bootcamp, things are getting to fall into places and also more interesting. More understanding of some tech terms, Increased knowledge about Ruby, closer relationship with others especially my classmates (I should be able to say few things about them by now).

Good morning! Bukky’s (You should know she is our trainer by now) voice brought us out of our “gisting” and “busy” modes. Good morning! we replied, knowing fully well it was time to dig into the business for the day. It was not business as usual like the previous day, things took a new turn. She asked us to step out of our seats and come together. There I was wondering what was going to happen next…

We had a little exercise, I enjoyed where we had to like dance a little (Don’t start painting pictures of me being a dancer, I’m not!). We went further to play a little game of gratitude, where you get to you accept a gift from someone and tell it’s usefulness to you and in turn give someone else a gift with reasons . It was more than a game, it was a way to appreciate one another, a way to learn how to show deep appreciation when you receive a gift and a way to genuinely know the other person appreciates the gift (Don’t start wrapping you head around the kind of gift it was, It was an imaginary one).

After the exercise and game, I was more relaxed, ready for the day. We shared ideas about the day’s food for thought: “How to make your code work”. While we were about to that, guess what happened? Bukky got an assistant (Yipee! Clap! Clap again!) in person of Yetunde Sanni, she prefers to be called Yetty. After we all had said what we know, Bukky commended us for a job well done. We were then introduced to TDD (Test-Driven Development).

Bukky explained the concept of TDD with inputs form Yetty, who went further to mention BDD (Behavior-Driven Development). Difference between TDD and BDD were explained with scenarios and examples, that led us to Rspecs and Minitest. It was an interactive and fun class.

After the discussion, while some of us dived into Codecademy’s Ruby lessons, others looked at Rubykoans. We were later introduced to Andelabs where we had to write few codes and submit. While we went ahead with the labs, Bukky and Yetty were there to attend to any issues.

Just when we were getting comfortable with punching the keys on our laptop, things took a new turn, we were asked to write a small program on a piece of paper while Bukky and Yetty went round to check and make corrections where necessary.

And that was it for the day…

Except that some of us had to stay back a little longer to learn from ourselves and mingle too!

Wait! It’s not over, I’m yet to tell you about the lunch (You can call me a “foodie” at this point)

I actually didn’t have lunch, things got kind of hectic, but then what do you call a meal you eat at about 5:30pm? (Your own FOOD for thought!)

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