Day 2 At Andela Bootcamp


The day started with warmth greetings from few friends I made the previous day, smiles all around from other campers. It was really nice seeing people relate with one another, other than just sit around with computers or keep to themselves.

Getting to the class, we discussed the food for thoughts for the day (How to share codes), everyone had a lot to say. After we all had shared our ideas and thoughts, Bukky, who is our trainer, then shed more light and did few corrections. The discussion was a platform for me to learn new things and correct few wrong ideas I had on the topic, I believe it was the same for every other person. We then went further to learn about git, github and tried out working using both.

The learning and fun didn’t stop just yet, we continued learning Ruby programming language on Codecademy website for 2 hours, after which we had a tasty lunch (I need to meet the cook!). After our lunch, it was back to fun-learning.

Bukky explained Conditional statements, Loops, Data types and Data structures in Ruby in the most simple and interactive form. To test our understanding, she gave two tasks, we were to write a program in Ruby that checks if a number is a prime number and a program to display multiplication table for the number entered by a user. We all wrote our codes the way we could, Bukky was there to check around and test our programs while she offered help where necessary.

While we all were forming “guru”, we had guest appearances from, Iyioluwa Aboyeji(co-founder Andela), Mohini (the way she holds the camera is cute) and the Andela ladies (definition of beauty and brain).
Note: They came at different times

At the end of the day, there was a lot of knowledge gained and a lot shared.

Day 2 at Andela Bootcamp was more of a relaxed environment compared to day 1. And yes! I made new friends *big grin*.
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