Figure 8…8th Day

Today started on a quiet unusual mode, few greetings, less gist, more work!

Not activities nor tasks today, everyone was practically busy, all trying to figure out what way to go with their projects…me too!

I started with the little I could understand, did some few features for a start, by the way, I’m working on a quiz application (command line).

Any one with issues had the trainers on their side to make things clearer, and of course, they have Google too. There was a lot of pulling from and pushing to github, we also made use of the Trello board to record progress and stories.

I’m sure most of us made progress with our projects, most of us were not ready to leave when it was time to...there’s so much to do. We were almost locked in! Good thing we were not.

Tomorrow is another day, the last day we get to fully work on our projects before presenting it on Friday.

Looking forward to a very “coded” environment tomorrow!