Allow me to present PIM;

PIM is hand-gesture sensor technology based on bio-acoustic signals and voice recognition which helps users to manage personal information such as reminders, documents, tasks, notes etc.

This video was created using final cut pro as a proof-of-concept prototype for a product my partner and I conceptualized during my Human-Computer Interaction class.

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So I was plagued with the challenge of creating a solution that was socially relevant for my final year dissertation. It would have been easier to simply wing it and create an app with fancy algorithms that solved no real problem — Well, a few months ago I would have done that — but the growing UXer in me stood her ground.

And so the process began…

Problem Discovery — Finding a problem to solve

This might seem like an obvious place to start, I mean there are problems all around us.

Well, when you have 3 weeks to submit a full research documentation — of at least…

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Today was one of the funniest moments of my life. It was mixed with laughter and sheer embarrassment but mostly laughter.

I was on my way back from the US flying with AirFrance. My first flight was an awful experience because the screen attached to the seat in front of me was in a difficult 75-degree angle. This made it so difficult to watch anything and much harder to sleep. …

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That’s me (in the back) and my friend Ofure.

So I am now a “Graduate”.

All through Graduation week, a line from “We don’t believe what’s on tv” by Twenty One Pilot, kept ringing in my head and it goes “What if my dream does not happen, will I just change what I told my friends. Don’t wanna know who I will be when I wake up from a dreamers sleep”. And isn’t that how we all feel?

I can’t help but think of how all my life, I had wondered what this would feel like. But now, I am here and I don’t feel any different. I am…

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You might be reading this because you’ve heard the words “Usability” and “User Experience(UX)” and began to wonder if they meant the same thing.

They both start with “Us”, must be some synonym or something — Oh ok, I’m the only one who thought that.

Let’s carry on.


For some reason, I kept spelling “Usability” as “Usuability” — What a mess, right?

Usability (or formerly labeled “User-Friendly” until the early 1900s) is how easy and intuitive it is for users to carry out a task, whether it’s a product, service, business or whatever.

The official ISO 9241–11 definition of usability…

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Dumb ‘Smart Phone’ Meme

Design is everywhere. From the chairs we sit on, cars we drive and the most obvious, the apps we use.

The past two weeks have been quite intriguing. I have been baffled by confusing tap handles at my hotel room and perplexing mobile phone designs. I’ve seen it all, literally.

I think what’s most beautiful about learning User Experience(UX) is that you begin to notice all the examples of poor UX around you and which deepens your appreciation for good UX.

I used to think like whoever made that meme where users are dumb if they didn’t know how to…

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We are constantly faced with problems.

We often take shortcuts or avoid problems altogether and never really solving them

But as Karl Popper, one of the most influential 25th-century scientific philosophers said, “All life is problem-solving”.

There will always be challenges, highs and lows…good and bad. This is what keeps life in balance.

The issue is, we avoid problems. We turn away. We could cope with them, but we never deal with them.

Why? Because it’s more convenient.

But is it really?

What if we could see our challenges as catalysts of growth rather than obstacles in our path?


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Recently I have been evaluating my four years spent in College so far and I realized that most of the things I had been taught, I had actually not learned! Ironic isn’t it? So I thought to myself, if I can’t change the school system, I can at least write an article about it.

Most teachers aren’t motivated as they see teaching as a simple means to an end. But to start with, do we even know how to learn?

The whole purpose of school is to LEARN. But why aren’t students learning? A bulk of this problem is associated…

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Enemies became friends, The blind were given sight, The dead brought to life, The sick made whole, The slaves made free, The filthy made clean, The perverse made righteous, The abominable made holy, The fearful made love, The dark made light, The earthly made heavenly, The debtor made rich, The cursed made a blessing, The powerless given authority, The pauper made king, The profane made priest, The foolish made wise, The rejected made accepted, The weak made strong, The asleep made woke, The debtor made rich, The hopeless given hope, The lost are found, The doubters get evidence, The thinkers…

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Dance under the stars — Uliana Babenko; Image credit:

With twinkles of ecstasy,
and the delight of a thousand burning stars,
our passion was ignited.

We danced around the moon,
as our molecules made love,
and our hormones had babies.
Our stars met in a beatified collision.

With heavy steps, feelings became our first cause.
The sun was intimidated by the heat we radiated,
the galaxies melted into nuances,
as our conversations turned Earth to Mars.

But you wished upon the cosmos to turn back the hands of time,
and our love was displaced between dimensions,
as light years of memories captured my mind.

You promised me a house on the moon,
You promised me “to infinity and beyond”,

but all you left was the space between us.

Moyosore Ale

Whom Jesus Loves. Constantly learning and sharing. Intrigued by Humans. Excited by Technology. In love with Research. *Don’t forget to leave a clap*

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