10- Halal Memes for Jannah Minded Teens

I do not know who added me to this site and I did not expect to love it as much as I do. The way the participants in this site — who I assume are mostly non-teens — are able to tell jokes is amazing. They joke about the way we practice our Islam in a way that illustrates a love for the community, without any need to mock the tradition. Meaning, they are teasing their own.

So many in our community are unable to critique the community, except by venom or violent academic deconstruction. The participants on this site…

There are numerous different types of community service, full-time and part-time. May Allah accept all of our efforts and forgive all of our transgressions. The points below relate to the cores of every type of Muslim community service.

This list might seem very strict, but it is not addressing the lay believer. It is addressing the believer who is striving for something higher in community. For the lay believer, there is one question to consider, which will appear at the end.

1- What do I imagine my community to be?

I must see the community as diverse and full of humanity, full of resources and gifts, followers of and…


2017 has seen the further capitalization of Islam in America, at the cost of community, character, integrity, and faith.

10-The Struggle to Remain Optimistic, is Real.

Of the many things I have written — and we seek from the Divine to reward us according to the best of what we have done, and forgive us for all else — this whole post may be the most jaded.

I am one of the Community’s janitors. I am one of the people who gets called into to clean messes caused by other people, repair broken pipes that have worn out from excessive use, and replace fused light bulbs to…

Omer M. Mozaffar

10- There is no indication that things will improve; every indication that things will worsen.

I made a similar point in last year’s list. It is more true this year. So many people are waiting for 2016 to end, under some notion that 2017 will be better. Is there any indication in any realm of collective life that life will be better. And, how many indications are there that life will be worse?

Bloodshed: there is *no* indication that the bloodshed — locally or globally — will decrease any time soon. The institutional factors are still in place. The markets and distribution systems for weapons are still in place. The personal and ideological conflicts are…

This past year represents a major period in the history of American Islam. The year was less identifiable by moments, though there were some major events, including the arrest of young Ahmed Mohamed in Texas, the emergence of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a social commentator, the killing of three young Syrian Americans in Chapel Hill, and the shootings by Muslims in Chattanooga and San Bernardino. The year 2015 was more identified by choices and sentiments. In all these cases, these aspirations come from community-wide impulses. …

Omer M. Mozaffar

I solve problems.

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