I figured out why I’m so drawn to Will. It’s not just because he’s handsome and nice, but it’s more about the way I feel with him.

Safe. I feel like he’s going to protect my heart from evil exes, bad friends, and generally heartbreaking situations. When shit was going pretty horribly with my dad a few weeks ago, he was always readily available to talk to me. He made me feel human, and he made me feel like everything was going to be fine, even at a later time. All the times I’ve been with him and Brandon tried to pull some bullshit, he knew what to say to make me feel like it wasn’t going to be a permanent problem. He makes me feel stronger. I stood up to Brandon for the first time ever with Will backing me up. Even when Andy is being a bad friend, Will has no problem telling me. I really love how safe I feel when he’s on my side. But honestly, it’s not even just safe emotionally- I feel safe when he and I roll up together and lay in bed. In the least relationshippy way possible, everything else disappears and I love it. He is so different from anyone else I’ve ever known, but he feels so familiar.

Respected. Respect is a new thing for me, considering the last guys I’ve been involved with were total assholes. He never makes me do anything I’m not comfortable with, and he doesn’t make me feel bad for anything I feel. When I thought I liked him the other day (I just didn’t know how to interpret happy WTF), he even talked about dating me in the future, which is so nice, but who knows if we’ll want that even then? Will is the ultimate MVP I swear. When we’re having sex, he fucks me like a slut, then he holds me and tells me sweet things and I can’t even describe how amazing I feel with him. Like, this is the way everyone should feel.

Important. Will makes me feel important all the time. “If it matters to you, it matters to me.” Even when I don’t want to tell him something because I’m embarrassed or I feel bad or anything, he makes that go away. I’m probably imagining how good I really have it… or maybe it’s totally normal and I’m just not used to it. Who the fuck knows. He’s fucking other girls, but he always tells me that I come first. I think boys might say that to all the girls they fuck, but I don’t feel like he’s lying. I trust him with my life, and I’m not like that. I’ve literally known him for no more than a month and a half, and two weeks of that was talking on Tinder and Snapchat. He’s just such a genuine person, and I really appreciate that. Bringing me to my next point…

Appreciated. I do a lot for him around his house to make his life easier, and for me, they’re not even like, chores. I do his laundry, I wash his dishes, I clean things, I put things away, I make him food… Anything to give him time to relax. He always thanks me and tells me how much he appreciates me… He even told his parents how great I am, which is fucking crazy. He’s close to them. And he told them about me and how well I treat him. His life is pretty busy, and I want to make his days off easier. He lets me lay on him while he plays video games or watches whatever sport or movie… And I love it. I never thought existing in the same room as someone could be so rewarding, but he makes me feel so good about it.

That’s not even everything either. I really don’t want this to end. I’m not saying we’re going to get married, but he has really ruined other guys for me. No one’s going to be good enough now.

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