Case Log 2015–11–11-Zm

During some of the most recent flash recap sessions I have double down and triple down on the identity of Zoom. Evidence has come to light that is guiding me away from my speculation.

My wildcard deduction is Joe West. Some of my speculation is purely physical and potentially interesting for storyline. That being said some pictures have come up on the Internet during other entities review of the episode.

Findings of fact / exhibit A

Most of what we’ve seen of Zoom is a blacked out eyes and very blurry images of best.

You’ll see an exhibit B a picture that I pulled from the EW site show non-blacked out eyes.

Now while this may be an actor playing zoom, I can’t help but look at the make up around the eyes and it looks very Caucasian. Also the irises or not the same as Joe West.

As the evidence mounts and builds maybe my conclusions will differ and change over time. Until we finally get the reveal of zoom I’m going to hold fast on looking at Joe West as a person of interest.