Python Threading

Picking up pieces of information and see the GIL story is very cumbersome. Different engineers say different things so I started digging.

First thing, we need to understand what is GIL and why it was created:

Watching David B’s Talk and reading “Understanding GIL” I got some important facts:

Python Threads are real and use POSIX(and the equivalents) under the hood. BUT, python has GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) to ensure 1 Thread only at a time.

This means, that even if I have several CPUs that can operate together to parallel — GIL prevents it (except I/O, which can be parallel). So you’d better go one threaded unless you have I/O operations — otherwise, context switching makes it worth.

This is a good reason to use Python3 (because of the GIL enhancements).

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