What is Open Education and why (nearly) nobody is crazy about it

Can you imagine yourself without Internet during at least a couple of hours?
Yeaaah, I can’t either.

Probably you’ve noticed that Internet had changed everything: technology, medicine, logistics, business…but education has been left behind. Of course, now I’m not talking about particular students, who want achieve something in their life or just goal-oriented persons.

I mean school, university or even government level.
Nowadays we have the best opportunities ever for develop our self and know almost everything from physics basics to VR theatre.

Why don’t we use these possibilities? All we need is ̶l̶o̶v̶e̶ laptop and a little of motivation.

I guess, open education is a new Greek god who give us infinity knowledge even on the coach in an African country.

Wikipedia can prompt us that open education is education without academic admission requirements and is typically offered online.

I just can’t make up the reason why people don’t use it, they try to pass exams to Machachkala University, but don’t even imagine that Internet provider in their town can bring them a light (Coursera’s URL).

Also, We see Coca-Cola, McDonald’s advertisements on each street corner and website, these millions-cost campaigns work people out to personalize their offer, but, unfortunately, I haven’t seen Coursera or MOOC popularization.

I understand pretty well that it could be the threat is directed against traditional education system and multi-million education industry. Just imagine that you need pay 5000$ for something you can learn at your home for free. I guess you wouldn’t like to pay.

I couldn’t find better words about amazement of the open education than Daphne asserted, so I would like to quote:

And finally, this would enable a wave of innovation, because amazing talent can be found anywhere. Maybe the next Albert Einstein or the next Steve Jobs is living somewhere in a remote village in Africa. And if we could offer that person an education, they would be able to come up with the next big idea and make the world a better place for all of us.

Fell in love with Open Education? Do you use it?

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