See Our March for Science Sign Favorites

We gave your best science slogans a design treatment. Download, print and heft high.

By Stephanie Wright, Mozilla Science Lab

I love science. What’s not to love? It gave us super glue, the Hubble telescope, a cure for polio, the Internet and so much more.

This weekend, the world will celebrate science at more than 500 March for Science gatherings around the world.

Last weekend, I sent out a call to a group of Mozillians who I know love science, too. I asked them to share their slogan ideas for March for Science signs. We had over 400 great ideas submitted. From those great ideas, we picked some of our favorites and turned them into posters you can download and print out (plus, they’re great for posting to social media, too.)

Here are 12 of our favorite user-submitted slogans pulled from the hundreds of submissions we received.

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