What October means

At the place I am working at now, my boss is preparing to close the place for a month break because most of the customers will not require the services here after October.

October is the end of the academic year for the students in the mandatory education.

Last year, October was my last lap. The last one month to reinforce concepts and ideas into my brain, to build up to the month long exams.

For my Sister this year, after october will probably be quite fun because she has finished her Twoyear cycle. I remember having fun in the afteroctober days when I was that age.

October for me this year will be the peak of my first semester in ..college? University? After six months of studying in university, I find my past 15 years of looking forward to non-uniform kind of lessons rather foolish.

There really isn’t much about university that is thaaaat fun and exciting. I pay so much more money to learn much less things. Even the people are not much different. Some people still like to be identified by their shirts, they still want the easiest way out in studying. After 19 and almost 20 years of staying/studying in this climate, I am hoping for a change. I realised too that I like change.

Change makes me feel that something different is happening so I shouldn’t think the same way as I did.

Went for a talk recently and the guy started it with

Everything has changed except for our way of thinking.

My past six weeks in university has been quite static and stagnant. Nothing much has changed so has my thinking. I need to do something to stimulate my thoughts because I feel like I am not thinking at all!

I like driving. It’s quite different. Ok maybe I should try a different CCA? But the thing about cca is that it ends really late so I will reach home late sigh

What should I do beyond studying?

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