The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism
Joe Brewer

The entire premise is wrong. Capitalism is not based on “wealth hoarding and presumed scarcity”. Capitalism is based on voluntary interactions between adults who serve each other. If someone hoards then they are not spending the money or investing. They will not prosper and consequently this is an extreme rarity.

I always ask people to give examples of those who are “hoarding” and they rarely respond. Sometimes they say “Apple” because they have a lot of cash. I then politely point out to them that Apple’s money is invested. They’re a huge buyer in US government debt (aka treasuries). This means they are loaning money to the government to pay for the many services government provides. That’s good right?

Secondly, capitalism is not “based on scarcity”. It’s quite the opposite. Capitalism doesn’t decide if a product or service is abundant or scarce — the market does. People do by their own decisions.

If something is scarce and you can provide it abundantly you succeed wildly. For example, email used to be expensive requiring a monthly fee. But Hotmail, Yahoo, Google and others made it free and got wealthy doing it.

How you get wealthy in capitalism is by serving others. Only by making a product or service that others desire do you succeed in capitalism.

I hope this helps you understand capitalism.