Hey Marco, I’m glad you’ve asked this as I just noticed I superficially mentioned it.
James Perry

That is very interesting indeed. I saw many projects to adopt fibers lately, the most important, of course, is the already mentioned RethinkDB, and others I can’t remember the name. Look, since I’m very interested in the fibers topic, and since I’ll do a lot of tests with that (I’m a C++ developer too) we can compare some of ours discoveries on this matter, if you’re ok. Basically what I want to achieve, is a fiber library which has the fastest swap between fibers, and which is portable and very scalable. I was reading some algorithms about this. Feel free to ping me at #hyperkit@freenode (rendar) if you want ;-) I’d like also to discuss about proxygen/folly topics, since I’ve written very similar libraries. Cheers.

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