Pykids workshop coming to PyBay 2017 Open Spaces — Saturday 12th August 3- 5PM PST

Meenal Pant
Aug 2, 2017 · 1 min read

print(“Hello Parents”)

PyBay 2017 is proud to announce a FREE kids workshop this year .

  • The workshop is for for kids aged 11 and above
  • Parent should be an attendee at PyBay 2017 – 1 ticket per registration
  • Please provide your child a laptop with chrome/firefox browser
  • First come first serve — 10 spots!. So please hurry and Sign Up!

About Pykids

Pykids is a voluntary effort run my Meenal Pant - a Mom and a Pythonista. This org is now 2 years old and delivers/has delivered *free* Python tutorials to young and curious minds. The Pykids resources are being used by a much larger audience across USA.

The concept behind Pykids is straightforward — make using/writing Python fun and easy! This has been made possible by Jupyter notebooks and AWS.

Pykids is a browser based learning tool that requires no set up and installation Just fire a browser and get started.

The curriculum has been developed and iteratively improved after hands on session with 5th graders. The curriculum is available at Pykids Curriculum

The current curriculum contains 5 classes covering basic Python concepts.

The class will end with kids creating a chessboard using ipythonblocks!

When and Where

Venue: Open Spaces Room , UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center

Date: Saturday , 12th August 2017

Time: 3PM — 5PM PST

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