That’s one sad empty desk…

Everybody needs a personal assistant, nobody has money to hire them.

Why not get one for free?

Try to imagine a very simple experiment. Put 50 people who don’t know each other in a closed room. Now, ask them to add every other person from that room into their phonebook (let’s say full name, phone number, email address and company).

Spoiler alert: It’s going to last for more than an hour.

When it’s done, you can start having a little fun. Pick a dozen of your kind volunteers and attribute them a new phone number. Then, ask everybody to check if the data they just collected is still up to date and, when it’s not, to get some relevant data by consulting the people around them. Tell them you are going to give $100 to the first person coming out of the room with a full set of up to date data. You can take a seat in a corner of the room and sip a cocktail watching them because it’s going to become a huge mess and last way longer than before.

If you happen to have sadistic deviancies and money to spend, you can offer a Galaxy tab to each iPhone user and an iPad to Android phone users and start over the experiment.

One delicious cocktail you could try during our little experiment

Well, now, just stop the experiment before they start killing each other. I wouldn’t like to be responsible for that.

What happened in that room?

We just made a simulation of what occurs everyday in the contact app of your smartphone. Yes, the one you never use and put into a hidden folder with all the other apps you never use. You add people to your contacts. Sometimes, they change their personal data. Sometimes, you change your smartphone and have to put them back in there.

Remember the icon?

Actually, that’s not exactly what happens in your phonebook. In real life, you don’t have to handle 50 contacts locked with you in a closed room but 250 on average and they are spread all around the world, which makes it a little bit harder than what we just did.

So, yeah… It’s a real problem. We can definitely say that phonebooks are broken.

But let’s be more serious. We do not only have this thought experiment to highlight this. If we extrapolate the studies we ran in France, we get that 50,000,000 contacts are lost every week in the USA because of people changing their phone or phone number, or failing to sync their phone. It means that every 40 days, an important person loses your contact. It can be anybody: a friend, a client, your future boss…

It’s kind of a Russian roulette. (That’s why we stopped the experiment before it got too dangerous)

How do we solve that? Easy, hire a personal assistant to manage your contacts and take care of all this wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey work you never do.

This one is good with wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, I heard

But personal assistant are expensive to hire, right?

That’s why we are launching, an app which purpose is to handle all your contacts way better than a personal assistant would and for free.

Let’s come back to our little thought experiment. Solving this problem would now take less than 5 minutes to solve and only one of the 50 people would need to have our app already installed on their smartphone. (Our studies suggest that this person is rapidly described as the coolest of the group).

Thanks for reading up to this point. I don’t want you to think this article is just a long ad so I’m not going to blather about all our awesome features. Actually, my purpose here was to make you think about the fact that we really need to fix phonebooks.

You can think of this as a minimum viable product, so please, tell me in the comment what you think about the problem and the solution we try to offer. If you liked it or felt affected by the issue, you can subscribe for free on or just hit the recommend button, it would be awesome.

Otherwise, I’d be glad to discuss the problems you are facing managing your contacts directly by email at arthur(at)

Thanks for reading :) handles your phonebook better than a personal assistant.