Taste the Norms

Above is a picture of a Coca Cola advertisement. I’ve seen many Coca Cola advertisements, especially on television. This particular one caught my attention because it shows two black people enjoying their drinks with each other. The girl looks like she is having an amazing time drinking the coke with the guy who’s looking at her while drinking the drink. This advertisement is an example of Pavlovian because it shows the stimulation of the drink. It can also be an example of Freud because it shows how much fun the two people are having together so it’s a desire to look good and have a good time while drinking. The girl is drinking Coca Cola Zero while the guy is drinking the regular Coca Cola, why is that? Why are the two people the same race? Advertisements need more diversity in them and less of the norms.

This advertisement is specifically effective because everyone wants a nice drink to enjoy and want to have a good time while drinking it. They want to also look like they are having a good time. It also shows in the lower right corner of the advertisement, in text, “ Taste the Feeling”. What does that mean? The way I see it is to taste what the two people in the ad are experiencing with one another. If you want to feel good than you can feel good by tasting and drinking the Coca Cola. One point I made earlier is, why is the girl drinking the Coca Cola Zero? Why isn’t the guy drinking it instead? Is there a message that is being sent here? I think the message is that people see girls as more healthy and caring about their body and health. That is an example of a norm that is shown in this particular ad.

A race demographic shows up on this ad which are the two black people. Race is clearly portrayed in this ad by choosing two black people to be in the ad. Why couldn’t they pick two different race to be in the same advertisement? Why not an Asian and black, white and black ? …The norms is for two or even more to be the same race in one whole picture. The message that is being sent in this advertisement is that any two black people drinking coke together can have as much fun as the people in the ad are. The demographics values should be that there should more than just one race, it should be a variety of races.

In all, potential impacts of this Coca Cola advertisement is that it impacts the race demographic, the norms and the lack of diversity. The different messages being sent by this ad impacts different subjects and people in all sorts of various ways. I was mainly pulled in by this ad because of its norms and stereotypes. This usual, typical and standard looking advertisement contains a lot of arguments and effectiveness.

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