A tarot reading for Monday, Monday. Should I buy the Yaesu ft817nd package?

I have been trying to find a home for my Tarot reading studies that I do. I have tried to blog about that on Google’s Blogger platform, and it went nowhere. But that was probably fine, Tarot is one of those things that you do alone mostly. I used to try and share “readings” that I did for others online, someone had a question. “Is he still interested in me?”, or “Will she come back?” or, “which one of these great job offers should I accept?” I got a little weary of the questions after a while. Didn’t anyone want to just look at cards to help figure themselves out? Never got too many reading requests like that.

Anyway, just trying to give you some background there. I began to seriously study the Tarot around Christmas of 2010. And I have done plenty of them on myself. I have also centered on the Celtic Cross as a “go to” layout using ten cards, as it has a lot of history to it. Readers have been relying on the Celtic Cross for a long time it seems as a good general purpose way to open out any concern or question. And any question goes! You may not like the answers that come back though is the thing. And boy do people have itchy ears. “Tell me only what I want to hear!” … okay, whatever. Yes, he still loves, you and yes, she is coming back, and take the job that pays the most. There. That will be $50. Whatever. So dumb.

I am also working with a new deck design, another minimalist approach that I have been experimenting with for several years now. It has evolved through several iterations. If I can track down images of what I did in the past, from my Google albums (which are like giant graphic landfills for me to have to wade through, not fun.) This most recent design shows great promise, because finally! Finally I am embracing two areas of Tarot that I resisted for the longest time.

The court cards. And reversals.

I didn’t understand what possible use there was for the court cards and reversals made no senses either, so what if it lands upside down? Doesn’t that just meant you are clueless about keeping your deck all in the proper orientation? I threw it all out by designing decks that you couldn’t tell if it was inverted or not. And, I threw out the court cards, and also the tens of the minor suits for quite a while. That was the other area of life I had no clue about, transitions, and the loneliness that can ensue when you are going through that.

With that as some brief background, I will now work through a celtic cross layout for some question. Lately I have mostly been asking hobby related questions, as that is something I am trying to get going in my life again. A fun hobby. It seems to usually center in on amateur (ham) radio, as I have a FCC license to operate a transmitting station, call AB7RU. Although I sold off all of my equipment years ago, I seem to want to get it going again. So I do tarot readings on questions like, “should I buy the Panadapter with the KX3 from Elecraft in California?” or… “what is the outlook today for me going ahead and ordering a Yaesu ft817nd from Ham Radio Outlet?”… I have been trying to decide on equipment and I seem to take forever sometimes making up my mind before I buy something.

By the way, I really, really wanted to order that KX-3 and Panadapter from Elecraft. They had an April Special that was definitely attractive. A free Mic to go along with the KX3, and $50 off their $600 panadapter that was an “add on” accessory to the KX3. So I was tempted to go ahead and order that, and get the deal. Elecraft doesn’t have “sales” on equipment as far as I have ever known, so I wanted to get in on the good offer. The only problem was I kept doing tarot readings on ordering from them, and the tarot kept blocking it, giving me results that made it not seem like the best thing to do at this time. I have bounced back and forth between the KX3 and the ft817. They are both outstanding pieces of equipment. Elecraft is more sophisticated, cutting edge technology. Also a lot more expensive. The Yaesu is affordable and actually does more. It isn’t as advanced technically though, and has a rep for having a crummy receiver. (Although to be honest, I listened to youtube videos that compared reception between the KX3 and the 817 and I couldn’t tell much difference.)

So, since April has come and gone, and the “deal” has expired, I am going to go back to looking seriously at the Yaesu 817 along with some kind of antenna system that is portable. I have been looking at a lot of the HF Loop antennas, and there are several companies making “Loop” antennas. Anyway, let’s do an example reading on that. I want to order the Yaesu and some sort of simple antenna. It will probably be a portable wire of some sort is my guess, or a vertical. I only have experience with wire antennas though, my only experiences with “compact” HF antennas was rather disappointing. However I also want to be able to operate from inside on low power (< 2.5 watts which is a rather dim light bulb). And to do that the antennas have to be compact, and that means compromise. I have a sense it will probably be a Loop though, for one thing the loops have a reputation for being “quieter” and when you have antennas near power lines it will be picking up all that 60 cycle hash more than a tribander at a hundred feet. I don’t see me with a tribander any time soon. So, I have my eyes on the 817, a Loop antenna (and I will choose the P-Loop package from Chameleon antennas), and I also want to order a solar charge battery power source from http://bioennopower.com/. Their BPP120 and WS28. Then all I need are the wiring adapters to connect the 817 to the bpp120 and that would yield an “off grid” communications system that will work great in the field, camping trips, things like that. So I will “intent” to order that today, and see what the cards say.

The first two cards will represent what “covers” the concern, along with another card that seems to say, “this also covers it, and could be a help or a conflict depending”. So the first two cards try to provide a sort of synopsis of the question, along with some hint of what the “block” or obstacle might be that prevents the choice from being acted on. It could simply be adding something positive too, it doesn’t “have” to be an opposing force.

  1. JUS (Justice) = weigh, measure, equal
  2. 5S (5 of Swords) = view, pause, adjust communication, thinking, reason

Okay so there is the “question” summed up for analysis. The question is a “measuring or weighing out” related to “view, pauses in communication”. So that seems to basically be the ham radio purchase options being at a pause, all I am doing at the moment is viewing this as a possible purchase decision. So it shows a lot of “weighing out” and “viewing” together, which is going to = a very stopped or quiet, or calm setting. (And to be honest, that matter of a “sale” at Elecraft or some time-limited “special offer” can be a real pain to deal with emotionally. Because you are trying to arrive at a conscious choice that represents what really is appropriate, and works. Apart from the concerns of saving money. “Saving money” is not the hobby I am trying to get started, “Ham Radio” is.

3. (Crowns, above) = KNS (Knight of Swords) = active, young, communication-thinking

Okay, so this is showing me that what is mostly on my mind about this is an active, more playful (young) communication or thought pattern. And that seems correct I am thinking about buying this and this is a hobby (young, fun, playful, not really intended to be serious, although ham radio is a public resource and I have helped in a few isolated cases with ham radio providing communication). My thinking above is active about this.

4. (below, more subconscious influence) = 10S (Ten of swords) = transitions of thinking, communication (generally leads to pauses, isolation to wait for the transition to pass)

So that is going to be a real challenge getting any traction to actually order something. As long as there is anything working under the surface to desire to pause and wait for more reflection on the question, then it will be very difficult to just “go for it” and put in the order. So already I can see that the reading is simply telling me to wait, think it through some more, probably. We’ll see.

5. Recently = HIE (r) = a general social, relational theme with life, others, and this is inverted and so it is shaded a little more toward emotional areas, play themes, childlike not serious. So there has been some general play, socially as regards the question. Not sure what this is exactly, but there it is, anyway. I think it shows that I have a “memory” related to Yaesu products that led to some very pleasant social experiences, including the use of VHF-UHF products mostly, handhelds. I used to own an ft51r and then later I had an ft50 which was a great little radio, although it did have a flaky PTT button that I had to send back to be repaired under warranty.

6. Ahead = EMR (Emperor) = general view-pause-change theme

So there is another indication that matters are going to be stuck in “viewpoint” land for a while. This is a growing influence too, so to simply “view” the matter is about all that is going on. Not any signs here to spend any money that is for sure. So far anyway. More thought time is needed about this. Wait would be the general counsel of spirit (existence, the universe, God, life force, etc.) at this point from my pov.

7. Self (the attitude or my bias about the question) = DTH (Death) = deconstruction, parts and pieces, disassembly

This is a general attitude I am having in general toward life right now, and that is to “take it apart” to see what is what. Examining issues falls into this category. It would not be trying to make “choices” it would be trying to be at rest and examine the parts of things. It could be that mostly I have an attitude that I still need to identify what parts I need to make sure this station will get on the air. That is easier with the Yaesu than the KX3 because the KX3 doesn’t come with a battery like the Yaesu. The Yaesu will work right out of the box! At least on 2 meters and 440. It comes with a YHA-63 antenna for 2 meters/440MHz.

8. House (the environment of the question) = PS (Page of Swords) = young, passive, communication-thought pattern

So the air around this question is suffused (charged with) this theme of young (playful) passive (secretive of toward me alone, not so much something I have to engage with others about) and this is in communication, dialog (with myself). So this is a subtle sort of pervasive sense about “the socially right thing to do” in a way. In this case the social atmosphere, the environment of Ham Radio in general, is promoting quiet, reflectivity about playful pursuits, not serious. So it sounds like more alone time just working through the question, maybe thinking it through more, is this really the best choice at this time?

9. Hope = STH (Strength, perfect, complete)

This is a general Iota pattern which completes the nine-sequence begun with the Ace (or Fool, alpha in the major arcana). So I have a “hope-wish-dream” that something “perfect, complete in a general way” can be found or attained with this question. I hope the choices end up being the perfect ones!

10. Outcome = 7P (Seven of Pentacles) = spirit, dream, romance of results (the physical life experience)

Hmm. Sevens are weird, I never get any definite answer from sevens. 7 just seems to be wait and look, or it “doesn’t know”. Seven in results would not be promoting any sort of active effort in physical terms. So this 7P outcome would not be showing any support at all for a choice leading to purchase of this package at this point. That along with all of the other cards that were Epsilon, view results, also block me from proceeding to purchase.

Well, there you have it! There Tarot has saved me from spending money! Hooray! Whatever. Now I am sad that I am not going to probably buy anything real soon until I have thought all this out. And that is a real pain with ham radio a lot, how “nuts and bolts” it is, and not always easy to see what choices of gear are the best. In any case I will reflect on the choices some more. I am not ruling out the KX3 by any means though! I love that little radio it is super well designed and gets race reviews. I really don’t care what it costs, I want to make the right purchase choice before any concerns over money.

These little “save this much when you buy it with this” offers that are time limited can cause purchase stress for the consumer, which can backfire on companies if you start doing that. You do not see Apple computer doing that. They know how important it is to always treat your customers the same way you want to be treated. And I never had a friend to set a “time limit” on their offer of buying me a beer one day. I wouldn’t do that to my friend, it would be there waiting if they ever wanted to do that.

So that is a simple example of how helpful the Tarot is! And it can be used for anything! Any question or concern in life, can be examined and opened out. To me this is not fortune telling. For me… Tarot is a friend when you have no one to talk to. And had I had this tool from my childhood, it could have saved me a lot of dumb decisions I made cluelessly because I “felt” like it was the right thing to do. When it turned out to be the dumb thing to do. Maybe I can help others avoid the dumb things one day.

First though. I want to get back on the air with amateur radio, a great hobby for everyone!

Here is a link to the ARRL website with the question, “why should I get licensed?” and that answer is easy for me. To find someone to talk to and I can trust that the conversation will end nicely. And I will learn about electronics along the way.