An example tarot reading, outcome “JUD (feelings)”

I have been having good results with this deck design. It is really interesting how the cups and swords can swap around, and it seems that HIE serves as the “switch” between the two realms, because it is the one card that most clearly shows the subtle balance between feelings and intellect.

Here is the HIE theme group in its “upright” orientation:

HIE card showing five swords (intellect themes) and four cups (emotional themes)

And here is the same card reversed:

HIE card showing five cups (emotional themes) and four swords (intellect themes)

So the first example is a 4/5 cups to swords ratio, and the second image shows that card turned 180 degrees, resulting in a 5/4 cups to sword ratio. So you can see how this card serves as a sort of switch, or a type of semi-conductor, that seems to oscillate between the two states. So in a “reading” we are being exposed to these various “change states” between intellect and emotion, which I believe serves a healing function for the human mind, and restores a wholeness to our mind (our being) that the world in its chaotic behavior patterns is constantly “infecting us” with. We are induced into motion and constant activity patterns that serves no purpose other than to confuse us all the more. Mostly we are lost in an ocean of influence over which we are helpless to overcome (resist) and the only hope is to immerse one’s senses to random results of common themes. That gives nature a road back into our life, at a consciousness level. Eventually restoring some sort of balance between the intellect and emotions. As it stands, modern industrialized societies appear to thrive on emotions being the backbone of the culture, where people constantly buy and consume and move about in search of the “happiness” that the emotional nature continually promises, and never delivers via objects that the collective society fabricates as the objects of emotional promise (of happiness).

It is not an easy brainwashed ocean to extricate yourself from, because with every step out of the ooze of the general mass mind in its insane** self-conceived “order” one meets up with the social mind in various perceived forms which resist any effort to calm the emotional nature. The society wants our emotions to be as out of control as possible, leading to more consumption in the hope that the next object of purchase will at last satisfy my lust to “feel happy”. It is unfortunate that the entire American psyche rests on a foundation of “the pursuit of happiness” being our governing purpose of existence. That is sheer nonsense, the framers of our declaration of independence were basically declaring independence from the need for calm, rational, patient thought.

So, for fun let’s ask a question and analyze the cards. I don’t have a lot going on, so no question comes to mind. But we don’t have to ask a question any more than you “have” to ask a question to have a dialog with someone. We can just look at ten cards (celtic cross layout) and let that speak to us in plain symbol-speak. (I will denote reversed cards with an asterisk *)

  1. (covers) UNI* — “everything (intellect)”. This is a cosmic theme of all of existence summed up into a conceptual whole. In this case with some emphasis on intellect, logic, rationality rather than emotions.
  2. (crosses) QC — Queen of Cups, “complete, within, feeling”. This is a very stable, settled, very perfect or completed sequence of feelings, that are being handled or experience “within” or at a personal level. Not societal. This would be me alone with very calmed out, settled emotional state that is healthy and peaceful. Together with the UNI it would be a very personal, settled emotional condition that is in some way also very connected to “cosmic” allness of life, Christ consciousness you could say, where all things sum up in Christ or the “person” of all existence. In this case there is some intellectual process at play as well, which could be picking up on my writing this at the moment.
  3. (above, what is obvious and clear consciously, is in abundance) 6W — Six of Wands, “social-relate begin”. This is a social path mindedness of some form that is very much aware. I have been dealing with some “social path” issues this morning as an opportunity was offered me to take an extended trip with a friend out and head out of town. However I felt like I needed to just stay inside today, it is raining and I don’t really want to be traveling. So that was a social-path concern that I am still aware of.
  4. (beneath, what is not obvious to the mind, and represents something missing or lacking in my life, which the subconscious tries to show me in this result) 10C* — Ten of Cups*, transition of feelings, emotions, with some emphasis on the past. So this is somehow “missing” or in some sort of need. Emotional transitions need quiet and away settings, so this seems to show that as a lack in my life, a quiet “away from it all” setting to process out my emotional transition. It is more connected with memories than hopes for the future, which is indicating healing of memories as being the need there. And I do seem to have a whole boatload of memories I would love to see healed if that is ever possible.
  5. (behind, past, fading influence) PS — Page of Swords, “play, within, share” or playful, young, childlike, more personal and not societal, communication, thoughts, dialog. This is a very innocent communication indication that was with me alone so it seems my personal writing/blogging that I do. I was writing some on that this morning in two different web spaces, Wordpress and Niume. So this seems to be picking up on that.
  6. (before, what is approaching and growing in influence) 7S — Seven of Swords, “spirit, dream, romance share” or mystery places of life, curiosity, questions, the unknown, fringy areas of investigation, paranormal or metaphysical, angelic, extraterrestrial areas related to communications, thought, dialog, rational”. This could be writing about SDR areas, or thinking about something there. Or trying to talk about it. The thought life would be turning around some sort of mystery.
  7. (self, the self-attitude toward the question or setting, my personal “bias” toward existence at the present time) 8W — motion begin. This would be a general bias toward anything theta, motion, kinetic related to path, intent, purposes, directions of life. So I would be focused more on the mind in this case where we see the 6W. And anything else that is in some motion. There is not a lot here in motion, the only placement that would have any motion at all would be the PS (behind) which would be more within, and not societal. So the “attitude” result would tend to cause me to see more of my conscious side, what I am thinking related to directions in life, and also dragging in the past into that as relates to my writing efforts (which is what I am guessing the PS is alluding to). Thus the PS would be trying to be pulled into the present “mind” in its focus on social path, “how can my writing relate to society” is the idea there. However, with the approaching 7S the concerns are more heavenward or mysterious, maybe ET related, who knows… it is something of a mysterious nature, so the bias would not be wanting to “see” the future as much as it wants to “see” the past. So that results in keeping life in a sort of backward look, and we see how that is evidence by the backward looking 10C beneath.
  8. (house, the environment of the concern, question, present setting, this is somewhat like the “bias” of society as I am experiencing it) KS — King of Swords, “complete-perfect motion share” or a completed, secure intellectual place that is still trying to be active in some way, resulting in restlessness or seeking modes of behavior. This would be sensed as the world being somehow “complete” in its social mind (we have it all figured out) and yet it is still trying to be active toward existence, so it is frustrated in that effort because the completed condition will constantly resist efforts toward movement of the intellect. So it results in a general sense of restless searching beyond the present order, while it also feels the need to stay with the “old ways” of thinking.
  9. (hope, or possibly a fear which is a desire for the opposite of what is hoped for) STR*, The Star-Sun, the Star card is also depicting the Sun card in this orientation. Star as Sun is taking distant stellar systems and making our own Sun out of their sun. It is looking out into the universe and considering other stellar civilizations just like our world, much like us, neighbors out in space who are a lot like us. So the idea here is some remote object (could be people, the social world), that I am trying or hoping to see as “like me”. So the idea is I am hoping to find others who are like me, think like me, or feel like me. So far I have had no success finding anyone really, so that explains why it is a hope I guess!
  10. (outcome, where the setting is ultimately heading) JUD* — rising (feelings), rising, increasing, release from something that has been restrictive, resurrection ideas, mostly emotionally focused. So the present life setting is working together to help me transcend emotionally, evolve or rise above emotionally, it would be indicating something develops that allows freedom of feeling honestly with myself, embracing how I feel. JUD is a radical transformation that escapes the entire context of what has been a concern, or the obsession of life. It would totally tear you out of one setting and ascend up to something radically new or wonderful. Much like the caterpillar is obsessed over why it is no longer on the ground, why it has to live in a tiny home now, and one day the cocoon pops open and the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly and enters into a radially new form of existence, and forgets all about its tiny house concerns it once had.

Here is a snapshot of the cards in the Celtic Cross layout:

Celtic cross layout — May 16, 2017

One observation, you can see how the JUD card is supporting the play themes of the 10C blow, and the QC crossing. Also the hope within the STR-SUN. So this would say that whatever the past emotional transitioning issue is will be transcended out of, or will resolve so that I can go free. Also whatever the QC crossing is about, my nature that wants to be “complete, alone and feeling” will also be lifted up, out, or takes me to some newer realm that is very different than what I have been experiencing “in life” (or, in the Universe of Thought that I have been working with).

Also, there is very little Pentacles* indicated here, the only nurture theme are the placements within STR-SUN. So the only “physical” reference within this set would be the Stars as Sun, and those are very distant objects, so the end result being that there is essentially nothing of my physical existence at this time that is of any real significance. The needs, concerns, developments are all of an internal path, feeling, thought nature. The physical results of existence are not relevant at this time, would be the message there.

One can string all this together into a statement, that would read as follows:

What covers (my concern, my present setting ) is thoughts of everything, while I feel very complete and more focused on myself. I am thinking a lot about social paths, and yet I also have a need to transition, be away from others emotionally. Recently I was playful in communication, and I was alone in that. Soon I will be experiencing mysterious communications. My attitude is movement of path is important, my environment is trying to communicate out of a place of completion. My hope is to see the stars as a lot of suns like ours, and the outcome for me at this time will be a rising up from my emotional transition I am experiencing, together with my perfect, personal, feelings.

I am curious what the 7S will be, the 7’s are fascinating to me because they are always something very unusual or wonderfully mysterious. So that will be fun to look for. If I was providing this as a service to someone else who wanted me to look at their present life setting, I would tell them to “be on the lookout for a 7S, something mysterious in a communication or dialog!” as they head out the door. Ultimately they are heading toward a resurrection of some sort, a rising up out of whatever it is that has served as “the cocoon” of their lives. Probably some unending duress of restrictive life conditions that refuses to change. Those sorts of life settings sound like cocoons to me. A place we instinctively create for ourselves and die within, in hopes of coming back as something radically different. In other words, it is a hope to transcend out of life rather than trying to make life work out, which is a futile strategy.

When you think about it, the absence of Pentacles are showing the present life as having transcended out of physical concerns. In other words, the physical life doesn’t even matter “what” it is. It is all the same, it is all sensory input that one day is red and the next day is blue. The “sensed” life is what we once obsessed over, having this experience of this setting in this way with this style was the complete obsessed mode of existence. It is what we are raised up to be “pursue experience!” is the mantra. Eventually it all begins to wear thin, and we desire to experience reflection, meditation, pondering, getting in touch with my own feelings. Then the physical life no longer matters, which axiomatically generates a death event for the seeking soul from other people’s point of view. So as we evolve I suspect we are constantly leaving behind little remnants of ourselves as the world conceived us, and as we evolve we keep “dying” to the world, and they go to a funeral or something and someone says a few words, probably not too many words in my case lol.

* Pentacles to me represent the results called life, or this existence that I live within, that I am experiencing at this time.

** The society is not really ‘insane’, how can everything be insane? What I am trying to indicate is its inability to be self-objective, the society can never be ‘wrong’, hence, to me that is a form of mental illness, psychotic self-truth that can never be examined. “Can we all be sick?” is a question you will never hear asked by the mass media “mind” of humanity.