I took a break from traveling and it was awesome.

How often do you travel?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been traveling a lot. To the point when in reply to “I’m home!” I would usually hear “In what city?”.

I’m not complaining — that’s what I’ve dreamed of. But I have learned something important along the way and I’d like to share.

What comes first to our mind when we think about traveling? Excitement? Adventures? Holidays? All the good things, right?

Through traveling we learn to appreciate the life in its variety, be open-minded and tolerant of other cultures and views. We see the diversity and beauty of the world.

After being stuck in the office for 10 months in a row, a week on a beach near the ocean is mind-blowing. A weekend get-away to Rome is so refreshing!

But what happens if your life consists of such trips? If you constantly move from one beautiful place to another living your dream? Your excitement slowly disappears. The most breath-taking view can become boring and ordinary, nothing wows you much.

Another ancient church, just one more mountain, another dreamlike landscape…

Recently, I had to spend a few months at home with family. Probably for the first time since I’ve been 16.

After wandering for months, returning to ‘the real world’ can be harsh — routine cannot compete with the excitement and freedom you got used to.

But what I’ve discovered is that such breaks are important.

Not only had I improved the relationship with my family immensely, I also felt that my life was stable and had a purpose for the first time in a while. The daily routine and steady social circle made me feel secure and safe. I felt quite happy to be just “normal”.

My level of excitement went down back to regular. Literally, a new kind of tea at the favorite coffee shop could wow me.

Now, finally going on a new adventure, I’m grateful for this break and feel more thrilled than before to see ancient buildings, beautiful bridges and fairytale beaches.

The healthy balance of everything including traveling is the best to fully appreciate the life :)