The differentiating factor is not whether its a single entity, but rather the public interest of…
Nadav Ivgi

Significant public interest

Bitcoin is at it’s core a decentralized P2P system, private by necessity. It will always be a system of private individuals because that’s how public/private key crypto works.

More importantly, when we ourselves start saying bitcoin has some kind of public, collectivist interest, we are essentially asking governments to come in and clog and slow the network with annoying sets of incompatible regulations.

My unfaithful [boy]friend not public.

If bitcoin is now some kind of protected public interest, then certainly public health is as well?

I already told you, this guy did me wrong, and I don’t want any local bachelors getting sick. Surely preventing a VD outbreak is more important than intangible internet money that can’t hurt anyone. He’s a liar, and the public has a right to be safe.

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