Vandalism Is Not The New Consensus
Gadi Glikberg

Hey Nadav:

This isn’t acceptable behaviour in the modern world. We use words when we want things. By defacing the public face of Bitmain, you’ve changed from a civilized discussion (which you apparently don’t care to do, even when bribed with coffee, and presumably air conditioning) to acts of aggression. This has no place in the bitcoin world, especially in a state like Israel, where actual violence from hateful people is a real threat.

In my opinion, you have some nerve “defending” yourself here. To me at least, your arguments fall short and the fact that you post a video of your aggressive action shows you in no way understand that what you did was wrong.

EDIT: And by the way Nadav, I get it, everybody gets it, you used blu tack to reduce the cost of repair. It still costs something to remove the blu tack, even if it is a few seconds of time. You imposed a cost on to bitmain, which is why it’s vandalism, and not valid protest.