I’m having some trouble following your logic.
Meni Rosenfeld

The more harm is done, the more valid it is?

No, it’s the targeting. I don’t know about the laws in Israel, but there is a line, and targeting private individuals, by plastering pictures of illegal ransomware along with denouncements of their company is on the wrong side.

If my girlfriend leaves me for another man, there is a line somewhere between telling all my friends what a jerk she is, and showing up to her place of work late at night and covering her door with flyers. Clearly the former is free-speech, and the later would be unprotected harassment, even if she really was a horrible girlfriend, and I was just telling the truth.

It’s clear to me which side of the line this stunt was on.

[They are quazi government so it’s okay…]

Bitmain decided to build some machines that could solve double sha256 problems and hooked them up to the internet. That’s all. They objectively have no power beyond the machines they built for themselves. Bitcoin users don’t have some kind of dibs on their work based of some kind of responsibility they owe to the collective. Collectivism is orthogonal to what bitcoin is.

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