Love Letter to a Brother

This is a love letter, a love letter to my brother.

I don’t know of many love letters written to brothers, so let this one be a true expression of brotherly love.

One to make the City of Philadelphia proud.

One that is the purest expression of a love that can exist between two men, two brothers.

A love of mutual respect and admiration.

A love of air-tight confidence where anything can be said,

Anything at all can be heard,

And anything can be absorbed with the knowledge that no matter how painful, it is for our own growth, for the pursuit of truth and a path of evolution.

This is a love that’s been forged by the hands of time, the sweat of hard work, the investment of money, mind power and experiential turmoil.

A love fortified by beer, sports, golf, whiskey and old-fashioneds, and really solid pinot noir.

A love made rich by poetry, meditation, study and innumerable deepening conversations concerning women, men, friendship, fatherhood and the pain of an abandoned childhood.

In this right, there is no “younger” or “older” brother, there is only man to man, soul to soul and spirit to spirit.

There is none more grateful than I to have been blessed with a man that I can call partner, friend, confidant, and advisor.

A man of great wisdom, strength, intelligence, tenderness and love.

There is none more thankful than me to have THIS man, with all his wonderful flaws and mine alongside them, to call my brother, to call my blood and to call my kindred.

May the love and respect that I have for this man be an example for the men of the world that we can live alongside one another, not in competition, but in mutual respect and admiration.

May we revere each other as brothers, connected souls and hold each other with the strength and tenderness that we would hold our own sons.

With the knowledge that we are all connected,

by same breath,

the same blood,

and the same earth.