A basic guaranteed income in the context of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

I apologize up front for grammatical or spelling errors. I have never attempted to type anything this long before on an iPhone, so it’s a totally new experience for me. I understand why someone might want a Basic Income Guarantee for society. But this idea has it’s basis in socialism/communism and has been proven throughout history to be a pipe dream. It does not and will not work. Some people will use the basic income to further their life and pursue things they enjoy. The majority however will not. They will not read books, learn, and pursue their dreams. They will not try to become self-actualized. They will binge watch Netflix, surf the internet, and become fat, lazy slobs.

The problem with people who believe in ideas like this is that they believe everyone is like them. They believe that, “oh, if people were just given a guaranteed income, just imagine the great things they could accomplish.” Spend some time around people who are basically given a guarenteed income (free housing, free phones, government food programs, and other forms of assistance). Are they flourishing with creative pursuits; contributing to society; starting businesses; or doing anything that is of much use? As a whole, I would have to say no, they are not. These areas are often high crime areas and high drug use areas. They are areas full of people who generally just want to sit around. A majority have given up looking for work, and many just don’t want to look for work. Doesn’t sound very self-actualized to me.

The second problem is paying for it. We are a country already steeped in debt. If the plan is to pay for it by increasing taxes, I am here to tell you that it will not work. Why would I, as a worker, continue to bust my tail working and being away from my family, only to turn a majority of my money over to those who choose not to. I, like most people, don’t care to support those that need it. But I, like most people, would also rather spend time with my family and spend time pursuing self-actualized pursuits. If I was given a basic income, then why work any harder and pay most of it in taxes? Why not just be lazy? It’s human nature.

Another problem centers around your statement “A country filled with men and women who are doing what they love will outperform another country filled with men and women who have been foreclosed of every opportunity for advancement (where we’ve been headed for 35 years).” Do you think anybody wants to work in a factory assembling components? Do you think anybody wants to clean out a sewer or work as a roofer? The answer is no. But these “dirty jobs” have to be done in order for society to function. If everyone were given a basic income to do what they love, why choose one of these jobs?

My advice to anyone who doesn’t like their lot in life is to suck it up, quit being a baby, and drive on. I came from a poor family, but I have always pursued those things that I love. I worked my butt off in high school, made good grades, and went to college. I had some scholarships, but the rest were loans that I am paying for myself. I pursued the career I wanted to, and when I didn’t want to do that anymore, I found a way to do something else. I joined the Army Reserves at 29, got my MBA, and am now pursuing my second career. The point here is not to brag, but I didn’t need a hand out to make it happen; I just made it happen.

My final thought is this. I don’t believe you can get to self-actualization without some sort of struggle through the other steps. Life’s struggles and challenges, and the victories that result from them, are a necessary character building part of life. Without that character building; the “get knocked down and get back up again,” attitude, one will never truly know what they are made of. To give someone a basic guarenteed income would cheat the out of the opportunity that comes with struggle, and any form of self-actualization as a result of that would be false .

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