• Dan Delaney

    Dan Delaney

    Developer. Proud husband of a wife I don't deserve, and father of 2 fantastic kids. #LFC fan.

  • Logical Writer

    Logical Writer

    Topics: Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, and Theistic Apologetics.

  • John Most

    John Most

    poet, thinker, doer. curious, intelligent, kind. words, sounds, images.

  • Sally Ann Melia

    Sally Ann Melia

    Bookworm, SF Geek, Writer, Author, Editor, Creative type. Loves SciFi Books, Film & TV. https://www.facebook.com/SallyAnnMelia

  • Andrew Machado

    Andrew Machado

    Product for ESPN SportsCenter. Founder of Open Home Pro. Explosions in the Sky and BT fan. Ex: eBay, Apple, Yardbarker and Apture.

  • Mehmet Istanbull

    Mehmet Istanbull

  • Writer’s Relief

    Writer’s Relief

    Author’s Submission Service Est. 1994. We help authors reach their publishing goals with targeted submissions to literary agents and editors.

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