Samsung Galaxy S6: Power Packed Experience

Samsung Galaxy S6 is an Android Smartphone produced by Samsung electronics. The launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been delayed and now it is expected in sometimes in 2015. It is anticipated to be available in Charcoal Black, Electric Blue, Copper Gold, and Shimmery White color finishes.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications and Features

Samsung S6 performance is expected and rumored to be much better than your lap top as it is going to have superior hi-tech specs including;
It will have Samsung Exynos 8000 16-core processor which will be Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 64-bit with 4GB RAM and 128GB on-board memory to back it up. It has big 5.2 inches Ultra High Definition display (4K) or it can be called a full HD flexible display. It will feature the latest Android 5.0

Samsung Galaxy S6 Prevents Dust and Water

Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be an unprecedented phone. It will hamper dust and water, we will be able to take it anywhere even in rain and windstorm without fear of damaging phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Puissant Battery

Samsung Galaxy S6 possesses powerful battery of 3300 to 3500 mAh. When your battery runs low, its ultra power saving mode automatically changes screen black to white and shutter redundant features to mitigate battery usage.

Vivid Pictures and Videos with HDR

Samsung S6 display will have very clear and lucid images with vibrant colors even in difficult light conditions. S6 is going to have an amazing and powerful camera with 21MP (Ultra Pixel Sensor) recording at 8K resolution (ready content for your 8K resolution TV)

Heart Rate Sensor

Samsung S6 will have a built-in heart rate sensor which measures heart rate with a simple touch like its predecessor S5.

MIMO of Samsung S6

MIMO is an abbreviation of Multi-Input-Multi-output. MIMO technology indicates the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have two internal Wi-Fi antennas which double the connection and amplify Wi-Fi speed.

Samsung S5 and other touch screen Samsung mobile rates in Pakistan has been comparatively high due to their hi-tech specs. Samsung Galaxy S6 global market price is estimated to be around $7750-$800. These Samsung powered Smartphone received amazing and overwhelming response locally, which depicts the solid market potential in Pakistan for high-end and expensive brands of Smartphone. Samsung has been aggressively capturing local market with fairly large share through introduction of advanced and latest Smartphone in collaboration with cellular operators in Pakistan. Latest Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan has been significantly higher especially with the introduction of their Galaxy and Note series.

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