The MPCX Fiat Crypto Exchange Demo. The beta release is coming soon.

  • Easy, secure, save and fully digital registration, onboarding and verification,
  • Competitive market liquidity in Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 15 major crypto assets, in cooperation with some of the largest institutional liquidity providers,
  • Decentralised trading on the platform between users in XDMC, Bitcoin, Ethereum and U.S. Dollars,
  • Transactions support in USD, EUR and GBP with full integration into the international banking system,
  • Daily Deposit/Withdraw limits for corporate and individual users up to 500,000.00 USD in supported crypto tokens and fiat currencies,
  • More than 100 technical indicators and drawing tools for profitable crypto trading,
  • The extremely competitive fee schedule, up to 50% discount for XDMC users;

How does our exchange work? (night mode) (day mode)
  1. Create an account.
1. Choose the verification type: (night mode)
  • MPCX’s Crypto Investable Indices;
  • Digital Smart Investment Mandate;
  • OTC trading solutions;
  • MPCX’s custody and wallets solution;
  • ICO market place.



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MPCX Platform

MPCX Platform

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