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Crypto Investable Indices.

At MPCX we believe that diversification and transparency are key factors in the long term growth of investments and successful communication with investors.

During the first stage of our development we are offering several unique digital wealth management (DWM) products that were created in house for innovative investors.

By creating three crypto investable indices we will offer investors a solution to increase diversification, efficiency, and portfolio returns.

The following table shows historical data of crypto portfolios performance to USD and Sharpe Ratios and supports our opinion:

Our Investable Crypto Indices are:

  • Crypto Large Cap Index (CLT) index holds the top ten coins by market capitalization, with a maximum weight of 20% per coin to maintain sufficient diversification. The index weights and their constituents are recalculated and adjusted on an optimized basis.
  • Mid Cap Index (M20T) index holds the next top twenty coins by market capitalization, after the top 10, with a maximum weight of 10% per coin to maintain sufficient diversification. The index weights and their constituents are recalculated and adjusted on an optimized basis.
  • Smart Beta Factor Exposure Crypto Index (SBCI). The SBCI index is a smart beta factor exposure Crypto Index that will consist of 200 coins with a maximum allocation of 5 % per coin. The index constituents and the weights of those constituents are recalculated and adjusted on an optimized basis using an algorithm driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Buying and selling execution with the crypto indices will be run using smart contracts which will result in more efficiency and significantly lower costs.

In comparison with traditional mutual fund systems, we propose to eliminate the human driven process and replace them with algorithms (smart contracts) that work strictly according to code 24/7.

The process usually takes less than 1 hour with no human involvement. This automation eliminates errors and the risk of data corruption, as well as significantly reducing costs. Our clients can buy and sell investable crypto Indices at the most convenient time for them regardless of working hours.

All of our solutions will have an associated mobile or tablet solution and most popular devises will be supported.

Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM).

Our team of investment professionals has spent a lot of time researching and validating how to apply smart contracts to problems in the traditional financial services industry. By combining our experience and the technology, we have created the “Digital Smart Investment Mandate” (DSIM).

DSIM — our unique product. It is a smart contract driven roboadvisory AI computer protocol. The protocol processes all client’s information and creates appropriate digital investment strategy in context of the client’s overall digital financial plan.

DSIM is not only a strategic guide to the digital wealth planning, but also it implements this plan according the code offering model crypto portfolio based on crypto investment risk tolerance, investment objectives, horizon, liquidity needs, and unique overall crypto wealth creation aims.

DSIM will help a client, very much to follow his objective course of action during periods of market disruptions and panic to prevent against emotions and instinctive responses that can lead to less prudent actions.

However, our user friendly client platform allows a client to choose between automatic or manual execution and portfolio rebalancing.

Finally, our user friendly client platform will allow clients to have regular portfolio rebalancing and it will give them access detailed and up-to-date reports.

To learn more about MPCX and XDMC Token readers can visit our website, read the MPCX’s Whitepaper or simply join us on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter,Medium, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and LinkedIn.



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