How To Identify Innovation

Sharing an article from my colleague Anant Nehru via Evolution News.

How to identify innovation? We at Fulton Waters have a daunting role to play in business development acceleration. We validate 1000s of companies in order to identify the truly innovative businesses that we consider differentiated enough to work with. Now, innovation has taken many a form recently, with its definition varying according to who you speak with. Companies are on the lookout for a particular type of innovation, start-ups want to be a particular type of innovation and we look out for companies that are going to change the way the world functions.
It’s definitely not a simple task. The task gets more challenging when companies are differentiated by very small but significant aspects. Below are a few guidelines that we keep in mind when studying the latest in the early stage space to identify potential opportunities.
Domain Knowledge
What I really love about what I do is that I am aware of the key aspects of any industry — AI, security, insights, real estate, e-commerce, customer service — take your pick. Having this knowledge helps you…

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