New @Interplay Family Member: Common Legal

Hiring and managing lawyers is a risky endeavor for most founders. The legal work can seem mysterious, as can the lawyer’s bill. Was the work done properly? Did you pay too much? Most founders will never know.

The root of the problem is information asymmetry. Founders don’t know exactly what legal work they need, who can do it well and what a fair price is for the work.

To combat this, we’re proud to announce the launch of Common Legal. Common Legal is a new kind of legal solutions company. They provide three core services:

1) For companies that don’t yet have a General Counsel, the Common Legal team can act as a founder’s legal agent. The Common Legal team will help founders understand what work the founder actually needs done, they’ll identify the lawyers that excel at that specific type of work and then they’ll negotiate pricing on the founder’s behalf. With Common Legal as your agent you won’t be upsold or overcharged.

2) For founders that are ready to build an in-house legal department, Common Legal will help founders source and vet General Counsels.

3) For companies that have a General Counsel, Common Legal offers on or offsite staff augmentation, enabling on-demand legal resources that can help General Counsels manage their workload in a cost-effective manner.

The company is led by Len Gray, a serial entrepreneur and a Latham & Watkins trained lawyer. He’s been on both sides of this equation and is uniquely positioned to help bridge the divide.

If you’re interested in reducing bills, managing your process efficiently, making sure you’re using capable providers or just confirming that you’re not paying too much, feel free to reach out to the Common Legal team at

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