Global Shutdowns and Shifting Baselines

This past May has been balmy and hot in London — an unusual, but welcome break from our typical slow-to-start summers. Like so many other people throughout the world, I was living a life under lockdown. I had spent so much time indoors that it was beginning to wear away at my edges. The new normal was a routine disrupted and tossed abruptly into a strange form of existence. With so much of the world social distancing and spending more time apart, this is undoubtedly a feeling many can relate to. And although I am undoubtedly lucky, in that I…

Co-authored by Heather Martin, Group Design Director at Fjord London.

Photo by André Ravazzi on Unsplash

Each year, innovations by people around the world battle it out for a coveted Cannes Lions award and, as those projects undergo the scrutiny of the jury, a diverse program of talks, workshops and demonstrations are going on elsewhere. We were honoured to be invited to give one such talk this year: about how we believe the cities of our future will look and what roles we share in making them better.

Our city infrastructures are struggling — and in many cases failing — to keep their growing populations moving…

Somewhere in South London on a bright and almost absolutely clear spring day the evening begins to slowly encroach. As the sun dips beneath the horizon and the once intense blue sky fades darker and darker towards black, something is missing; something is not quite right. What’s not there is hard to gauge. For as far as most of us urban or semi-urban dwellers can recall, the sky is and always has been just the way it is on this particular night. Sure, there are a few white dots here and there, some of them a bit brighter than others…

Michael Pecirno

Research/Urban Ecology — I study and design for the relationship between people, spaces and technology in the built environment. @Fjord @StudioForage

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