Tips for Translation Services in Dubai

Dubai is a hallmark today of economic prosperity. We have discussed some of these tips below that can be pretty instrumental in getting you a great Translation Services in Dubai, whether it is in Arabic or for any other Asian or European language. The expat population in Dubai surpasses the local population extensively which shows the internationalization Dubai has begun to get known for.

Remember the words in your language, let’s say English, may have a longer expansion in another language, let’s say in Chinese. Arabic can be even more tricky. More space may be required for text or graphs, etc.

Link graphs so that it’s easier to use the tools while translating.

Technical Considerations

Reduce cost of translation by giving editable source files. Otherwise, your translation service may need to do artwork from scratch, wasting time and money.

Give specifications for HTML, PDF, and images as well as any other details to save time and expensive rework.

Help your translation services by making sure you send all the files required and don’t include unnecessary ones.

Sometimes information can get corrupted when sending electronically, so make sure to compress files before sending them off.

Automate table of content (TOC), internal/external links, cross references, Indices 
 (IX), and variables. Make sure updates can be done smoothly by using the appropriate style sheets.


A good document Translation Services in Dubai is expected to be aware of the need for fast, accurate and complete information in translation of documents and that it must rise to the challenge.

A translation has to be world class in Dubai. It has to make sense and serve the purpose. For anything there is far from perfect, there is the free google translation available round the clock. So there is no point the companies would pay so much for a translation unless it does not fit the bill.