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Let’s begin with the unusual facts about Indian language which you might not be aware of

  1. Bengali is the seventh most spoken language in the world. For a translation service in Bengali, trust no one but a professional Translation Services in India.
  2. Including approximately 102 million speakers, Punjabi is the tenth most spoken local language all over the world as compared to languages like French and German
  3. Once the former president of the USA, George W Bush, had allotted a 114$ budget for teaching Hindi language in the US. It was decided that Hindi was to be a part of the syllabus from kindergarten to graduate level, considering the significance of Hindi as a language of Indian Americans. However, this plan was not successful as Obama became the president.
  4. Approximately over 1 million people in Pakistan and Afghanistan speak Brahui, which is a Dravidian language, with its underlying foundations in India as well.
  5. There is a Gujarati family living in Mumbai, which only speaks Sanskrit language. In Karnataka, there’s a Mattur village where people only speak in Sanskrit with each other.
  6. The UNESCO, in 1999, declared 21st of February as the “Global Mother Language Day” to celebrate the Bengali Language Movement in 1952.

Sanskrit is one of the most spoken languages in India. It’s one the oldest language known to the mankind. To know more about Translation Services in India kindly visit our site.