Google and the Virtual Reality

Today will be a little more technical post because of the annual Google I/O keynote !
As most of you must know, I’m a Virtual Reality aficionado and I plan to launch my company in this sector.
In 2014, Google announced its Cardboard, a VR cardboard headset using your smartphone. It was an actual revolution making VR accessible to all for only $15 !
Two years after the announcement, the Cardboard has been sold to millions of people and 50K+ apps has been made !
Nonetheless, the product had to face some limits, mostly caused by the restreint use of a phone instead of a computer.
A few hours ago, Google showed up with Daydream, a VR software using a headset and a controller which left me nothing but disappointed. Why would we using a controller ? The VR aim isn’t to let the user dive into a parallel world ? Letting him think he’s REALLY in this world ?
While Valve and HTC made up the HTC Vive using quite original controllers just by being natural extension of our hands, they give us the real feeling of catching things, almost feeling it, Google just stick to a classic controller depriving us of a complete immersion.

Let’s see how Google will make his product evolve on the marketplace but by keeping it classical, Google let the raging opponent taking the advantage upon it on the VR market which is now estimated to $4 Billions in the next two years.

Jérémy Mathon & Naguib Bouchibi

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