This is Sarah Manning’s story about a sexual harassment complaint. She called the process ‘emotionally, physically and spiritually draining’

Most women who contacted Indian Country Today in order to share their stories of sexual harassment and assault were too fearful of repercussions to come forward publicly; they asked for anonymity…

PART 1 We Don’t Talk About This Enough

Sexual harassment in Indian Country is an inconvenient and deeply uncomfortable truth.

Most media coverage of sexual violence and harassment focuses on the high rates of non-Native perpetrators and Native victims. While important, these articles fail to reveal the equally troubling stories…

Smudging, the ancient Native American practice of burning dried plants in spiritual ceremonies, has been made common by the non-Native population spreading it to yoga studios, beauty companies and wellness boxes.

Google white sage, the primary ingredient in the mainstream smudging custom, and dozens of choices for sage sticks and bundles appear. The purpose of smudging, however, is ill-defined for most consumers. It’s touted by retailers and brands as a type of universal balm for the ailing human mind and spirit.

I’ve worked as a journalist in mainstream and ethnic press since the 1980s, and I’ve served as the president and then a board member of the Native American Journalists Association. One of my main motivations for choosing this job was to improve and enlarge coverage of Native peoples. Even as a youngster, I noted that there was little reporting on my community. If we did appear in the media, the coverage was usually reductive and stereotypical. As a Native editor once remarked to me, “If we’re in the paper or on TV, we’re either dead, drunk or dancing.”

Despite periodic promises to diversify staff, mainstream media continue to be dominated by White men. According to a 2017 report by the Association of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), journalists of color comprised just 16.6 percent of U.S. newsrooms in 2017. Of that percentage, Native journalists made up a piddling .36. (The…

Mary Pember

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