You sound like a jealous sibling, mad at your brother or sister because mom and dad (in this case society) treated and still treat them better than they did/do you. Let’s imagine for a second that this was in fact the case. What would you do? Would you (A) confront the cause of this issue, in this case, the parents? Or would you (B), resent, debate, and constantly remind your sibling that they are and have always been the favorite, even though they had no real control over it? We are supposed to be family. We are meant to be in this together. This extra reason to be in opposition makes our “united front against white supremacy” an idea void of one key component. The” United” part.

In South Africa, scum bags that ran this country were inspired by this idea of social separation based on pigmentation amongst black people. Ironically even though today we “think” attacking each other for our “complexion privilege” is how we sort things out, it’s just a detour that leads to the same destination. Which is social segregation amongst our own.

I mean you had dark skin women attacking and telling light skin women that “Brown Skin Girls” wasn’t about them because it is a song celebrating only their (dark skin) complexion. They kept referencing that Beyoncé (a light skin woman with blonde hair) specifically only mentions Kelly Rowland and Lupita in her song. A song whose chorus is sung by her light skin daughter right at the beginning by the way. What, is she not allowed to sing it too? Isn’t she the wrong complexion to be singing this song? Technically isn’t Beyoncé? What is this?

And please don’t give me that, “this is woman’s business” crap, cause it isn’t. This I black people’s business, a business whose doors have been open for too long and might need closing sooner rather than later.

I’m a dark skin man. I mean really dark. I’m so dark I look like under the bed. I’m so dark that I look like an ocean oil spill. I am, see me in the dark when I smile dark. That’s how dark I am so I am not saying colorism isn’t real. It absolutely is, and as a man, it is a life or death situation for us.

I am more likely to be arrested, seen as a threat, and even killed when juxtaposed to light skin man. this light skin dark skin thing for men is pretty heavy.

This is a passage taken from research published by thors:

Amy Killen Fisher

University of Mississippi &

Jandel Crutchfield

The University of Texas at Arlington

It reads

“little has been said about the fact that the men killed by police are not just Black. They are often dark-skinned. That deep, ebony complexion, and all that it symbolizes, is significant, said Dr. Yaba Blay, co-director and assistant teaching professor of Africana Studies at Drexel University.

For dark-skinned black men, Blay said, “The unquestionable state of their blackness invokes fear in others. We haven’t seen racially ambiguous men gunned down by police.”

It sucks and I wish the world wasn’t like this but do you know who has as much control in causing this issue as I do? Light skin men. This isn’t like white privilege, where the people who created and peddled the stereotype are the ones benefiting from the existence. This is different. Our people had the color distinction forcefully and non consensually injected into our community. It’s something we have to work at not tear each other further down for.

Remember what this continued fight means. Do you think the animals who voted for and lead the Apartheid government are looking from hell at the current public discourse about this issue with disgust or a sense of accomplishment?

Do you think the system you’re claiming to want to be changed sees this level of vitriol from blacks towards blacks as a defeat? Or an investment in the destruction of our people reaching compound interest levels of growth? A job well done?

I honestly don’t have the time to make real an issue that only exists based on my willingness to play along. Is it an issue in society? Yes. Is there a privilege given to those who have lighter skin in society? Yes. Does it need changing? Yes. Are other black people the target of this move to change? Of course not.

The number of privileges based on circumstances unfair towards the non-privileged and uncontrolled by the privileged is many.

Children of married parents have an enormous advantage ahead of those who aren’t. It’s in no way on any of the children who benefit from or do not benefit from the children, but it is real.

In our society Just because two parents didn’t decide to sign a contract legally binding themselves and their assets together, their children have a pretty rough upbringing and receive an ever rougher reception from society. For the longest time, they lived in families whose parents would make less and be less likely to even gain employment. They wouldn’t automatically inherit from a parent’s estate if that parent didn’t leave behind a will. Even the amount they would pay in transfer duty would be unfairly high just because their parents didn’t get married. Then there is the cultural component. All of the stigmas and hurdles they would culturally have to jump to this day.

And I mean talk about having a slur attached to your group. The word BASTARD an insult in today’s language literally refers to people born from a single parent, that’s what a bastard is. Luckily we stopped referring to them as bastards though, and we did find a more socially acceptable word to refer to them as. Do you know what that was? Illegitimate children. Yeah, that was the solution!

All this and still you aren’t hearing an awful lot about children born from unmarried parents attack children of married parents. There is no quick response to tell them to check their privilege at the door, Non of it. And do you know why? cause that would be ridiculous. So you know. Let’s stop making other black people the enemy. Let’s stop finding a reason to be further divided so we can make the kind of change we want to see in the world. In short. Let’s stop being, ridiculous. Shut up about colourism