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Hello everybody, this is M Peoples and this is about my rant about the anti-vaxxers I don’t like. Don’t listen to most anti-vaxxers because most them don’t do actual research. Think about it, wouldn’t all children have autism if they had a vaccine. Most anti-vaxxers don’t research from Medical website and they listen to Andrew Wakefield. Andrew Wakefield was a corrupt doctor and his work was proven crap.

Most anti-vaxxers will listen to Amish people who are into incest and inbreeding then blame it on vaccines. Most people are allergic to vaccines but other than that vaccines are safe. Anti-vaxxers are people who think they know more than a doctor. They will listen to anti-vaxxers who don’t read up on the dangers of not getting a vaccine wear your children. A child not vaccinated get sick the whole family will get sick. That is why I got my research from the CDC. I understand if your child is allergic to vaccine. And they start putting mercury in vaccines a long time ago. People please make the right decision. The wrong decision could cost your child’s life.

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