GV 2015 Year in Review
Bill Maris

Dear Mr. Maris,

Deputy project for consideration.

It is a project of medical assistance,Latin Telemedicine . By app via telephone or computer can access the history of the patient, attend to it and by telephone support.

The project requires approximately $ 5M in stages. And he is working in Dallas (USA) and there are agreements with companies in Colombia where it already assists customers and partners in Puerto Rico that are already part of basic infrastructure according to phone company.

The expansion proposal is for Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador initially.

The technological platform is comprised of three distinct Modules:
1 . Economic Control Module (ECM), where all information regarding the clients economic and financial data is kept
2. Patient Doctor Management System (PDMS) Module, where all “medical” transactions are handled. This module in turn has three sub-modules:
a. Electronic Medical Records (EMR), where all the clients medical records are kept
b. Doctors Module, where all the information and credentials from all doctors are kept, and where the doctor’s availability calendar is managed.
c. Communications module, where all communications (phone and video conference) between the Doctor and client are managed. This is done through the world-renowned communications platform Twillio. 
3. Statistics Information Module (SIM), where all the information in an anonymous form is captured in order to provide records to customers and operations department.

Best regards

Manuel Perez


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