“Comfortably Unhappy”

My thoughts and theories on the system we all get trapped into and ways to break free!

Hi! My name is Matt. I am not a blogger (yet), writer, life coach or even a very wise man. I am simply a normal 27 year old English guy who has noticed a serious flaw in the way most of us live our lives.

My plan is to write more about my opinions, theories and experiences to (a) verify my theories and (b) help others live richer lives. Before I continue, I want to make clear the intention of this blog is not be another self-help bio in a sea of similar material but more of a narrative on the system we live in now and how most of us settle without reaching our true potential or happiness. I call this being “Comfortably Unhappy”

So this ends my 1st ever blog and hopefully the start of an ever evolving journey which can inspire many people to reach optimal living!

p.s. please excuse any spelling mistakes I am a proud dyslexic.

Thanks a bunch

Matt Perky X