I hope you’re happy with him.

I was there through it all; your heartbreaks, your breakups, even when your daddy practically told you he didn’t love you anymore. I was there for your pregnancy scares(there were quite of few of those), your time of the month and even the smallest headache. I was there. But our friendship wasn’t just full of sadness and heartache. We had so much fun. We had happy times, loud times, crazy times. You were my best friend. You gave me one hell of time and I can’t thank you enough for that.

As we were coming up on our 2 year friend-iversary, you changed. You no longer had time for me. I was simply a burden to you. I cried out to you and blew up your phone, but all I heard was silence. The one person I needed shut me out like I was someone you never knew. You let his manipulation get the best of you. It’s funny, you always said you hated when people walked all over you, but you never did anything about it. But here I am, today, the same old girl I’ve always been. And there you are, changed. New school, new friends, same boyfriend.

I really hope you’re happy with him.

Yours truly,

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