It’s time to talk about the concept of decentralization and distributed systems. They are at the core of blockchain technology and tokenization, but our desire for them isn’t new.

And on any given timeline, centralized systems — those with trusted intermediaries that stand as custodians — become corrupted, or altered, or inefficient. It only takes one Bernie Maddoff or Charles Keating inside a centralized system to wreak havoc on everyone. When this happens, other intermediaries take their places, new systems & partnerships are formed, and individuals always find ways to take back control. …

Walmart Supply Chain, Holiday Peak 2018

Photo courtesy of Walmart

For those of us involved in blockchain development or cryptocurrency throughout 2018, it has been a difficult year of uncertainty and attrition. What began as irrational exuberance following last year’s Bitcoin market run-up and an explosion of ICOs, has painfully, thankfully evolved into a more nuanced enthusiasm, one focused on building solutions, with private money staking shoestring efforts. For a blockchain and tokenized economy advisory services company, it’s been a challenging but promising year.

Which isn’t all bad — tough markets tend to remove the tourists so entrepreneurs can work on creating real value…

In the beginning there was Trust

Introducing Part One of an educational series on cryptocurrency, blockchain and other distributed ledgers. In an effort to add something unique to the adoption discussion, I’ll explore origins, key concepts, and use cases through the topics of Trust, Encryption, Decentralization, Distributed Ledgers, Smart Contracts, and Tokenomics.

1. Trust.
In an exchange, the distance between us.
“Confidence in one’s expectations.” -Rachel Botsman
The gap between two risks.
An evaluation of outcomes, of how likely things will go right.
“Confidence that one will find what is desired from another, rather than what is feared.” -Morton Deutsch

Bitcoin’s biggest contribution is a…

The first linearly-scalable, truly decentralized, sharded ledger.

The Unblocked Ledger Coin Project has been developing both a distributed ledger technology and a payment network application that uses this technology since 2015. It’s similar to how blockchain is the underlying technology that makes the Bitcoin payment network possible. Combining the technology and the application under the Unblocked Ledger Coin name appears to have caused some confusion. To better differentiate the technology from the application, we will be renaming the project.

The new name for our project will be Shardus, a name that emphases the sharding aspect of our technology. The new…

Can anything stop the presses on endless fiat?

Over fifty percent of US paper currency is produced here in my home town, and I don’t live in Washington, D.C. I live in Fort Worth Texas, Where the West Begins. More importantly to the world economy, this is where money begins.

The US Bureau of Engraving and Printing, a function of the US Treasury, sits here in the city, nestled in the suburbs of Saginaw and Keller, in a somewhat unassuming facility between housing developments and a school. …

McDonald’s New Fiat Comes with a Side of Fries

On August 2nd, McDonald’s launched a marketing campaign aimed at capitalizing on the discussion of cryptocurrency. Some might see this is as an adoption signal, but it’s much more ham(burger)-fisted than that. In fact, instead of the fast-food giant adding a crypto utility token to their existing mobile app, they’ve gone to the expense and trouble of minting six different coins, one for each decade of the layered mess’ existence, plus one for good measure.

In fact, McDonald’s minted 6.2 million of the coins, each redeemable for a Big Mac sandwich…

Early Ethical Discussion Needed on the Impact of Transformative Technology

Ethical and Moral Dilemmas of Distributed Ledger Tech

My grandfather, Homer Weeks, was a brick mason who, during World War II, built the secret city in Oak Ridge, Tennessee as part of the Manhattan Project. Before he was called to the war effort, he had built modest homes, businesses and churches in rural areas of the state. But in the Smoky Mountains near Knoxville, he helped construct a hidden city where almost 80,000 people enriched uranium and plutonium for the world’s first deployed atomic bomb.

Later my father, Jimmy Mayes, his son-in-law, would also become an early contributor to this…

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